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WATCH: Pro-Hamas Protesters Clash With Philly ‘Pride Parade’ in ‘Straight Into My Veins’ Moment

A healthy dose of schadenfreude was served up on Sunday after pro-Hamas protesters blocked a “pride” parade in Philadelphia. Videos have emerged showing the two sides meeting head-on, with some holding signs reading “no pride in genocide.” Half-naked men in bondage gear can be seen trying to escort the parade around the blockade.

As the doctor in that Godzilla film from 2014 once said, “Let them fight.” 

What is with participants in these “pride” parades and their constant need to walk around in their underwear? You can spot a few drag queens in the crowd as well. Then there’s the pro-Hamas side, which, oddly enough, also includes men in bondage gear. 

Someone should interview the head of “Queers for Palestine” and find out what they think about all this. These people were supposed to be “allies,” but as always happens, when you get a bunch of aggrieved leftwingers together, they will end up fighting over who’s the bigger victim. 

For their part, Hamas supporters (and most Muslims) see themselves at the very top of the intersectional hierarchy. It’s an extremely odd dynamic given that Muslim culture is largely antithetical to far-left orthodoxy. That’s left many scrambling to figure out how to make the pieces all fit together. The problem? They don’t.

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The left is one giant contradiction. Nothing has to make sense because as I’ve explained before, the cause isn’t the point. The shiny object of “justice” continually changes, but the goal of cultural and political domination always remains. What happens when those pursuing that goal come to a head? 

That remains the biggest issue for Democrats as they continue to hold their tattered coalition together. Every left-wing group thinks they are the most important people on earth, and that leads to tensions. Look at the black community’s response to illegal immigration in a place like Chicago. Eventually, coexistence politically is no longer viable. 

In the meantime, the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the implosion. Consider this a “straight into my veins” moment. Hopefully, one of many to come.

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