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Effort to ‘Unpack’ Gun Culture Apparently Looked in Wrong Luggage

While the gun debate continues throughout the nation, there are still a lot of people who remain at least somewhat ignorant of the issue. They might know what the media tells them, but they’re not really aware of the details.

So, you get people who write “explainers” that supposedly try to break the issue down. Almost invariably, these explainers really just delve into part of the issue.

A prime example is one that I came across that seeks to “unpack” the “complex web of America’s gun culture and its violent manifestations.”

Let’s take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Note the complete lack of acknowledging defensive gun uses. 

Depending on who you choose to listen to, defensive gun uses number in the hundreds of thousands to millions each year. These are people who have a gun because of concerns about violent crime or some other kind of attack, then use that gun to defend themselves from some kind of attack.

These drastically outstrip the number of homicides each year, which at least suggests that maybe those of us who favor that “culture of preparedness” may well be on to something yet this paragraph alone makes it very clear that the author of this screed has no interest in acknowledging that fact.

And it doesn’t get any better from here.

It should be noted that the shooters in each of those cases was prosecuted. Why? Because Stand Your Ground laws don’t apply when there’s nothing that looks like an actual threat.

Ralph Yarl and Kaylin Gillis were “guilty” of approaching the wrong home. No state in the nation has ever found that constitutes a threat. Yarl rang the doorbell, something that doesn’t remotely look threatening, even if it’s the wrong door. Gillis was in a car that pulled into the wrong driveway. Again, not a threat.

The two cheerleaders tried to enter the wrong car, but they also had gotten out and were clearly not a threat either.

All three cases made a lot of headlines, yet the shooter in all three instances was charged, which tells you that Stand Your Ground laws weren’t at play.

“But they make people think they can shoot first.”

If that’s true, it’s only because of blatant media misrepresentation of what the laws in question really mean. Somehow, that didn’t make the cut in this media misrepresentation.

Now, I’ll give them credit for acknowledging that most of those “gun deaths” are suicides.

That’s all they get credit for.

For example, while the gun homicide rate is so much higher than in other high-income countries, they don’t look at our non-gun homicide rate, which is higher than other high-income nations’ total homicide rates.

Only a fool would assume that absent guns, absolutely none of those gun homicides would have still been committed, which means without them, the non-gun homicide rate would be even higher.

This is an important point because while people like this try to churn out pieces “unpacking” the gun culture and blaming us for all of the nation’s ills, the reality is that we’re a violent nation. Remove guns from the equation and we’d still have more homicides than other developed nations. We already do despite guns supposedly being so plentiful.

See, what we have here is an attempt to unpack something by reaching into the wrong luggage. This is really just a reiteration of anti-gun talking points designed to look like a deep dive. In fact, this whole mess is so surface-level and poorly written I had to check to see if this was written by AI. (Shockingly, it wasn’t.)

So many facts were ignored, as most media outlets tend to do, that it wouldn’t look any different if there were a note attached saying it was paid for by Brady or Giffords.

And that’s a big problem as so many people try to understand the issue but run into these “explainers” that explain nothing.

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