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Democratic Lawmaker Urges Gov. Kathy Hochul to Pardon Trump

Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips called on N.Y. Governor Kathy Hochul to pardon Donald Trump for his ludicrous conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s nakedly politicized persecution of the former president.

Even though he’s right—Trump should have never been charged with this garbage in the first place and should be quickly pardoned—his reasoning is way off the charts.

He wants to let Trump off the hook now, not because the clown show trial was a stain upon this nation— which it most certainly was—but because it might help the GOP presumptive nominee win at the ballot box.

Instead of focusing on the travesty of justice that was the Manhattan Soviet-style show trial, this brain-addled congressman is upset that the obviously politically motivated proceeding might actually help the former president.

Clueless Dean is more obsessed with Trump’s non-crime than he is about the obvious corruption of our system:

While I welcome Phillips’ (correct) assertion that Trump’s verdict needs to be thrown out, I am appalled at his reasoning. He doesn’t care that norms are being thrown into the shed, that our justice system is being abused, and that the consequences will be felt for generations—all he cares about is whether it might benefit Donald Trump, which is an anathema to him and seemingly, all Democrats. 

They will sell our principles down the river as long as they get to keep power. Deplorable.

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