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Here Comes the Cavalry: Stunning New Trump Donation Numbers, Bigwigs Also Weighing In

In the wake of the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial, we reported on how, according to the campaign, Trump had been getting a ton in donations.


Trump Post-Conviction Fundraising Shattering Records

Now there’s word that number has gone even higher with small donations and big donations alike. 

Just listen to how much Eric Trump is saying has now been contributed to his father’s campaign. You can hear how emotional Eric is about it and what happened to his father. 

‘This might be a little inside information, but as I was leaving my house about 37 seconds ago, I asked my wife, what are we up to now?’ Eric Trump told Fox News‘ Maria Bartiromo.
‘And [Lara] said, just in terms of small dollar, we’re well over $70 million. This is $21 donations, $43 donations, right, small dollar donations.’
The former president’s son continued: ‘If you add the large dollar donations to it, you’re over $200 million. 
‘And by the way, Maria, 30 percent of those people have never been seen before by a political party.’ 

Trump is even getting money from people who have never donated before. 

Among the people behind larger donations is Miriam Adelson, the wife of Sheldon Adelson who has reportedly committed $100 million to support Trump. 

Charlie Gasparino dished on a meeting of other big money folks who came together in a meeting with Trump to support him because they have seen the chaos wrought by Joe Biden and they want him gone.

“We spoke for two hours,” said one attendee. “Everyone explained the need for Trump to win given the dangerous direction of the country under Biden and they said they were willing to do whatever to support him.”
The donors came (and pledged an estimated $30 million to Team Trump) because they not only see the case brought by leftist DA Alvin Bragg — 34 counts of practically nothing bootstrapped into a felony — as a politically motivated hatchet job, they view the other cases against Trump through the same political witch-hunt prism. They’re increasingly willing to fight back with their bank accounts.
Most of all, they fear the alternative: The hapless administration of Sleepy Joe Biden that is an existential threat to the nation.

Add that to the meetings Elon Musk and Nelson Peltz are involved in, getting together people opposed to Biden. 

There’s a lot of cavalry coming together, big and small. It’s an amazing thing to see Americans uniting to speak up for the country. Democrats were likely hoping a conviction would drive people away from Trump, but instead, the opposite seems to be true. 


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