NYC’s Days of Non-Citizens Poisoning the Voting Booths Are Over

New York City has been known for decades as being the place to go if you want to change your stars. From dancers to actors, to musicians, to tradesmen, everyone comes to NYC or LA if they want a real shot at making their dreams come true. Many immigrants, come there because they are chasing their dreams.

Dreams of freedom, liberty, dreams of having their own voice. However, those who come here illegally have not been given the right to vote. That all changed in NYC back in December 2021 thanks to the “Our City, Our Voice” bill, that then-Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to sign. Automatically in January 2022, it took effect without his signature.

Now a Staten Island judge’s ruling has changed that, and now 800,000 noncitizens are no longer allowed to vote for the mayor, public advocate, or other city posts this next year. Judge Ralph Porzio’s ruling came down hard for those who had been excited by the bill.

“The New York State Constitution explicitly lays the foundation for ascertaining that only proper citizens retain the right to voter privileges. It is this court’s belief that by not expressly including noncitizens in the New York State Constitution, it was the intent of the framers for noncitizens to be omitted. Though voting is a right so many citizens take for granted, the City of New York cannot ‘obviate’ the restrictions imposed by the Constitution.”

A ruling like this is a victory for Republicans everywhere. City Council minority leader Joseph Borelli issued a statement on the ruling as he pointed out the bipartisan nature to move against allowing noncitizens to vote. He also pointed out how this bill had brought people together across all lines to speak out against it.

“Today’s decision validates those of us who can read the plain English words of our state constitution and state statutes: Noncitizen voting in New York is illegal, and shame on those who thought they could skirt the law for political gain. Opposition to this measure was bipartisan and cut across the countless neighborhood and ethnic lines, yet progressives chose to ignore both our constitution and public sentiment in order to suit their aims.”

For decades it has only been citizens who have been allowed to vote for things like the Presidency of the US, much like only a US-born citizen may run for President. These laws and rules are there to preserve the integrity of the American government to be run by and for the American people. While legal immigrants are not only allowed but encouraged to vote and to run for most offices, they are prevented from holding some others.

Keeping noncitizens from voting in NYC elections is one of the best rulings to come out of NY in a long time. With the ever-present Democratic leadership and their frequent pandering to those who are protesting and crying about the system instead of trying to enact legitimate change, it has made the entire state into a mess.

The citizens realize it, but because of the same benefits, the Democrats try showering the noncitizens with would buy them votes of thanks, allowing them to vote could easily change the course of elections in the city. Manipulation of the voter system like this would not only be unprecedented, but it would destroy this country from the inside out. The Democrats have already been trying to do that anyway, so why do they need the noncitizens to help their cause now?

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