Big Dem Immigration Win May Actually Be a Big Loss

The Biden administration is celebrating a win at the Supreme Court in Biden v. Texas, which will allow him to proceed with getting rid of the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The policy allowed officials at the U.S. border to make immigrants wait in Mexico rather than cross into the United States by citing a public health crisis – COVID-19 – as the reason they cannot allow more people in. The rule was decried as racist by Democrats, and upon entering office, Biden worked to undo it. He was initially blocked by a judge in Texas, but took it all the way to the Supreme Court, securing a win.

Biden and the Democrats celebrated the ruling as a big win, but they have also guaranteed that voters, particularly those who are worried about the immigration crisis at the border, will be told in nonstop ads that Biden fought all the way up to the Supreme Court for the crisis.

Rescinding this policy opens the already-thrown floodgates even wider, allowing for greater numbers to flood the border with very little in the way to stop them from overwhelming border patrol. The Biden administration has thus far been reluctant to give federal agents any support, detention facilities, or funding to maintain control at the border. The result has been a flood of immigrants and a crisis that remains unchecked.

Illegal Immigration
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The death of 51 migrants in a truck trailer, a tragedy of human life we hadn’t yet seen in this crisis, was a clear sign that we are failing not just to protect our border, but to protect human life.

By winning at the Supreme Court, Biden and his administration are taking ownership of the crisis. They are saying they want all of these people coming in from South and Central America, flooding our border and causing chaos among law enforcement in the region. They are laying claim to the resulting human and drug trafficking that happens in the region. They are saying this is all part of the plan.

The crisis at the border will only get worse now that the Biden administration has cleared the way for more immigrants to be allowed in. This is their crisis now. And you have politicians all along the border and in several states where immigration is a top issue who will cut every ad imaginable linking Biden’s win to the worsening crisis.

Biden and his people denied that his election and rhetoric were an open invitation to those seeking to enter the country. There are multiple new stories that show differently. There are interviews with immigrants who say they are accepting Biden’s invitation and heading this way. That’s his legacy, and the win in Biden v. Texas is just more proof of that.

I suspect that the Biden administration didn’t actually want a win here. They wanted a 6-3 majority to say that they couldn’t do this. They wanted to tell their activist based “We tried!” and then move on. But they can’t now. The Supreme Court, with Kavanaugh and Roberts joining the liberal justices, has put the immigration crisis squarely on Joe Biden.

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