Pelosi’s Excuse for Pushing Little Girl Only Makes Her Look Worse

It’s hard to imagine anyone getting jealous of a mere child during a photo op, especially when that someone is a longtime national official and head of the House of Representatives. But for Speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi, that seems to be exactly what she’s capable of. Hell, she even pushed a child.

If you haven’t heard of it or seen the now gone viral video, Pelosi posed with newly elected Texas Representative Mayra Flores and her family on June 21 as Flores took her oath as a congresswoman. It’s important to note that Flores is the first-ever Mexican-born congresswoman elected and won her historically Democratic district with flying colors as a Republican.

That’s right, a Republican Mexican-born Congresswoman…

But I digress.

During the celebratory photo op, Pelosi was placed between Flores’ husband and her two daughters, the older of which, at age 10, stood closest to Pelosi. Nothing seemed to be amiss at the time of the photo, only smiling faces and congratulations.

But a few days after the photo op and the video was made public, people began to notice something rather rude happening on the small stage. Nancy Pelosi was actually jabbing the 10-year-old girl with her elbow, seemingly pushing her back and away from the center of the photo, where Pelosi naturally stood…

Just check out the video. It’s pretty much as clear as day that Pelosi is literally shoving the girl with her elbow in the shoulder. What makes it less than apparent at first is the fact that the young girl doesn’t seem to let it phase her. She merely stood there smiling and composed.

And for that, Flores says she is very proud.

Among the many comments on social media about the less than admirable behavior of Pelosi, Flores praises her daughter for continuing to “smile and pose for the picture like a Queen.” She added, “No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!”

And she’s exactly right. If only those in Congress could show such grace and strength in the face of adversity.

Of course, Pelosi, or at least Pelosi’s stalwart deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, has a different “explanation” for what happened during the photo.

When he took to social media on the subject, he first rebuked ‘news outlets’ for “misrepresent(ing)” Pelosi and then claimed that the Speaker was merely trying to “ensure Rep. Flores’ daughters wouldn’t be hidden behind her in all the photos of such an important moment of their family.”

Well, isn’t that just sweet…

The only problem is that no one is buying that story. I mean, who tries to get someone more in the picture by shoving them with an elbow? If she was actually thinking of the girls, either one being hidden behind her, wouldn’t she have pulled them in closer, put her arm around them, or even brought them forward a bit?

Instead, the video clearly shows Pelosi pushing back and away from the central focus.

You might also notice that Hammill’s “explanation” doesn’t even begin to offer an apology of any sort, even if someone was offended and took it the wrong way. Neither has Pelosi offered anything similar.

In fact, Pelosi has refused to say a single word about the whole incident.

Let’s just say it doesn’t make the 82-year-old has-been look any better, especially for someone like Pelosi, who is all about “the children, the children.”

Looks like, instead, she’s all about herself.

As one social media user, this added to her husband being charged with a DUI, and the President’s covering up for his son’s Russian escort problems is “just another week in the Democrat Party.”

If Pelosi and her party actually want to win the upcoming November midterms, perhaps they ought to start behaving a little better. No one will want to vote for a drunk, disorderly, and abusive congress member, just like they aren’t going to want to keep around a geriatric nursing home patient who’s constantly covering for his criminal children.

The sooner they realize that better. Then again, it’s one more reason why they are more likely to lose their current power sooner rather than later.

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