Gas Station Under Fire for REDUCING Its Price of Gas?

The country continues to strain under the weight of Joe Biden’s inflated gas prices. Ever since the old man stepped into office, everything has gotten more expensive to buy. The price that people are paying at the pump has nearly doubled. And there does not seem to be any relief coming while the president continues to put America last.

The current price at the pump has caused a lot of trouble for so many people. But the one thing that some did not expect was for a gas station in Wisconsin to lower its prices so much that people would flock to the store. According to state law, the strategic move to attract customers may seem logical, but the move is illegal.

More areas of the country are seeing gas prices move into record territory. Motor Biscuit reports that “Gas prices are catching many people’s attention these days as they fluctuate close to record highs. For example, the US Energy Information Association recently reported an average price of $4.32 per gallon, which was up 14 cents a gallon from just a week prior and up to $1.37 per gallon from a year ago.”

The media and the Democrats are doing a great job of hiding the truth behind the higher prices. They echo the lies coming from Biden’s administration that the higher prices are because of the war. But the truth is that Biden rolled back all the regulations that former President Donald Trump put in place. His regulations freed America from having to depend on other nations for energy needs.

Biden planned to create a state of dependence in the country. He needed the people to depend on the federal government for their needs. That goal is the first step to creating a socialist state.

Other stations sued the gas station in question in Wisconsin because they had violated state law by reducing gas prices beyond the legal level. The stations compete against each for customers, and when one drops its prices, and unfair business practice occurs.

People are desperate to earn money and keep people coming to their businesses. But unfair practices are illegal no matter what the circumstances may be.

Motor Biscuit also reports that “Those fears recently led a couple of gas station owners in Wisconsin to sue their competition for allegedly selling gas ‘too cheap.’ As WISN reported, a Woodman’s Food Market in Waukesha faces two lawsuits for $80,000 each. The suits allege that the Woodman’s is selling gas below cost, which is against the law in Wisconsin thanks to the Unfair Sales Act.”

The Woodman’s Food Market justifies its illegal practices by claiming they want to compete with a local Costco. Motor Biscuit also reported that some people consider giving up gas-powered cars and purchasing electric options.

Biden’s goal is to rid the country of all gas-powered vehicles. He wants to push America into a new era by ensuring things are too expensive. The greedy president would instead force people into accepting liberal demands than letting people decide for themselves.

The president wants to force people into accepting electric vehicles as the new way of powering cars. But he fails to tell people that the electricity used to power the cars is produced using the fuels the president wants to shut down.

People and business owners are getting desperate to attract customers to their stores. Their efforts would earn them several lawsuits and hundreds of thousands of fines. A massive reduction in gas prices was the sure way the Woodman’s store could gain business.

The nasty Democrats led by old man Joe Biden will continue their efforts to sabotage America and force the nation down a path that it is not ready to take. Power vehicles with a different energy sources must start where energy is produced. Any other effort to change the usual way of things will only cause businesses to take drastic actions, even if it means breaking the law to preserve prosperity.

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