Man Tells Democrats They Cannot Use His Nephew’s Name to Push Gun Control after School Shooting

The tragic shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, is an event that will long be remembered. Nearly two dozen people lost their lives because an 18-year-old would lose his mind and take his madness out on innocent people. The event that unfolded that terrible day has given cause for the nasty Democrats to demand gun control. They saw a tragedy as a means to push for the elimination of the Second Amendment.

The Democrats had their chance to connect with people and show sympathy. But they decided to whip out their schedule and politicize the tragedy. They wanted to play on the deep-seated emotions to gain support to pass stricter gun control laws.

Their betrayal has caught the attention of Mitch Renfro, who is a man that lost his nephew. Renfro was pointed out when he demanded that the liberals not use his nephew’s name to push their ugly agenda. He said, “I don’t want Uziyah’s name to be used in any gun reform or any gun change, gun laws that need to be changed, nothing along the lines of that.”

He was trying to make it not the right time to push an agenda. The time now is to help people heal as best as possible and then take steps to ensure that kids are safe in school.

The nasty Democrats are taking every opportunity to push their agenda. Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference to address the tragedy when Beto O’Rourke interrupted and pushed his liberal agenda. The interruption was uncalled for and a massive show of disrespect towards Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

The time for O’Rourke to speak was not at the press conference. He would have had a massive cow if Abbott had interrupted him the same way. O’Rourke’s unprofessionalism demonstrates how he intends to run things if he wins future elections.

The big interrupter stated, “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing.” He accused Abbott of dragging his feet and not reacting to the shooting. But his remarks could not be further from the truth.

Abbott was there to address the matter. And the Democrats should know full well that Republicans think through their actions before blindly making decisions.

The point of the news conference was to provide details as to what took place at the school. It was not the time to make rash decisions that would have worsened the situation. Abbott wanted to help people heal and take the allotted time to work with the legislature to develop a plan to better protect Texas school kids from becoming targets of liberal drones.

The Democrats praised the disrespectful man for interrupting Greg Abbott. All he wanted to do was push an agenda geared at destroying the Second Amendment and disarming Americans. The liberals desire to take guns away from people so they can not defend themselves. Had there been an armed guard on duty, the shooter would never have made it as far as he did.

Renfro was sickened by the Democrat’s attempt to push a political agenda. He was clear that taking guns away from law-abiding families is not the way to protect children. The best way is to enhance the security at the public schools so people do not have access to the interior without permission.

Renfro mentioned that schools need to have better resources for security. He believes that teachers should have the right to carry weapons to protect the kids. Many teachers are willing to give their lives to protect those entrusted with their care.

Those affected by the shootings are coming to grips that their loved ones are never coming home. The death of his nephew has rocked the family. The Democrat’s attempt to politicize the moment will only drive a wedge between the people and the political party. The time now is to help people heal and take action to protect kids seriously and not make it a joke like the Democrats are trying to do.

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