Biden Urged to Start Calling Republicans Something Other Than Rational People

The nastiness of the Democratic Party is starting to emerge more now that the midterm elections are drawing closer. The liberals have never had the desire to work with the Republican Party. They want them to blindly follow their lead vote in favor of their choices and decisions. And those that do not follow their selfish ways want to brand as traitors.

Joe Biden is a big fake. He loves to call Republicans “rational” to get them to follow his lead. But when given a chance, he is willing to abandon them once he gets what he needs out of them.

The Democrats want Biden to start calling out all Republicans that stand in the way of their version of the gun control bill. They also state that Biden is trying to work with Republicans, which hurts the party’s collective goal, and they believe they will look bad when election time comes around.

The leftist regime continues to think that the American people love what they are doing. They continue to ignore that many of their people have lost their positions in government because of how they treat people.

Christy Setzer is a Democratic strategist. She stated that “Biden and Democratic leadership have a fundamentally different mentality about how to win. They think it’s about appealing to the ‘middle’ and showing that we’re reasonable and can play nicely even with intemperate people. Maybe that’s how you win in a fair fight on the merits, but we haven’t had that game for a long, long time. Now, they need to show how insane the GOP is as compared to the majority of Americans who want, for example, ‘responsible gun ownership,’ who want to outright ban AR-15s. We’re the only rational ones left.”

She honestly believes that all Republicans are crazy. And yet she fails to realize that all Republicans that own guns are not the ones going out and killing people. They are the ones practicing responsible gun ownership.

The president is trying to appear to work with Republicans because of the upcoming midterm elections. The old man stated that “I consider McConnell a rational Republican. I mean, Cornyn is as well. I think there’s a recognition on their part that things can’t continue like this.”

The president is the one that stopped working with the Republican Party the moment he stepped into office. He also has neglected to work with his own Democrat-controlled Congress because he does not want to do things the right way.

Joe Biden cannot keep his feelings from getting mixed up with the job he is tasked with doing. The level of duplicity the president displays is mixed with his hatred for the conservative side. The old man says complimentary things about Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican Party, and in the same breath, bashes him to pieces.

The Democrats want Biden to stop complimenting the Republican leaders. The conservatives have drifted into a state of treason and seek to destroy the country. The fact that they believe their propaganda does not prove anything.

The Republican Party has taken up the task of protecting the people from the onslaught of poisonous attacks from Biden and his administration. They are the ones standing in the gap and putting a stop to the horrible way that the Democrats are trying to tear down democracy. And as a result, the Republican Party is being branded as a treasonous group of people by the very ones that want to destroy the country.

The words Biden speaks about the Republican Party are nothing more than a lie designed to make people believe that he is trying to be partisan in his approach to politics. He knows that his party is in trouble of losing power. The Democratic Party members attacking their president fail to realize that they are about to be swept aside by a red wave built up by the voters who want the liberal abuses to end.

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