Yale Launches Draconian Quarantine for Its Students

Yale University wants to make sure that it does everything it can to keep its students safe. They’ve had vaccine and mask mandates all year long. However, neither the vaccines nor the masks seem to be doing its job. As COVID cases have increased across campus, the Ivy League School decided that it would do the unthinkable – quarantine.

Students are now unable to go to restaurants. They’re on lockdown. It’s deliveries and groceries only across campus – and many are struggling.

Yale Daily News shared the protocol for students. Those starting the spring semester will be required to quarantine in their residences. The only time they can leave is to pick up food or to get a COVID test until they’re able to get the results of their arrival test.

The campus-wide quarantine is set to last until February 7. Considering that we’re more than two weeks away from that date, they’re going way above and beyond anything that the CDC would suggest. Oh, and they’ve already said that they would consider extending the quarantine depending on what the public health conditions look like at the moment.

Students have been told that they cannot visit any New Haven businesses – restaurants or anything else. They can only do curbside pickup.

This is a bold and drastic response to COVID, especially when you look at what’s being done in other parts of the country where COVID rates are a lot higher than they are in New Haven, Connecticut. New Haven is dealing with a surge in COVID with a 7-day average of around 2600 cases. In contrast, Miami, Florida is also dealing with a surge, with a 7-day average of around 15,000 cases.

It’s all a difference in how the Democrats versus the Republicans handle things. Connecticut’s governor is a Democrat while Florida’s governor is a Republican. Ned Lamont would assume see everything locked down in an effort to protect.

Are COVID deaths surging? No. Hospitalizations? Not really. It’s why Ron DeSantis is fine with allowing people to maintain freedoms. No one at the University of Miami is being told that they can only do curbside.

We could just trust the process. Vaccinate. Wear a mask. Eat wherever the heck you want because you’re protected. And, if you do end up with COVID, you quarantine for five days. Life goes on.

Yet, Yale is showing that they’re not the smarties that they’ve always claimed to be. Students are learning virtually. In-classroom lectures will begin after the quarantine is up on February 7 unless New Haven continues to be out of control (insert eye roll here) with their COVID cases.

As word has gotten out about what Yale is doing, many on social media have referred to it as “tyranny” and “insane.”

COVID is highly survivable, and the omicron variant generally results in symptoms that are similar to the common cold. Meanwhile, Yale students, who are considered the best of the best, will be forced to order pizza and Chinese takeout since they can’t really leave.

We’ve heard of the Freshman 15 and the Quarantine 15. What kind of weight gain will Yale students see as they’re forced to eat their feelings while in quarantine for the next few weeks? We can only imagine…

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