New Virginia AG Launches Investigations Into Public Schools, Parole Board

Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares wasted no time in initiating immediate investigations into the Virginia Parole Board & Loudoun County Public Schools.

The statement was released hours after Miyares and Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Miyares were sworn in detail about the nature of the probes as well as their role in a return of basic principles of law and order. The move was an actual fulfillment of both men’s campaign promises. Both men had promised to “quickly act to protect Virginian freedoms,” Breitbart News reported.

Miyares stated that one of the main reasons Virginians are so frustrated with the government is the absence of transparency.

The Virginia Parole Board violated the law by releasing murderers, rapists, and cop killers before they had completed their sentences, without notifying victims. Loudoun County Public Schools hid a sexual assault at school for political gain. This led to the additional assault of a young girl.

The last reference was to a case in which a male student from Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School was found guilty.

The teen suspect was found guilty and moved to another school by the district. He allegedly raped another student. The district was also accused of covering up the crime. One of the victims’ parents was arrested at a school board meeting.

As part of his sentence, the offending student was placed on the sex offenders registry. Miyares also conducted investigations and notified around 30 employees that they would no longer be employed at the office of the Attorney General.

Louise Lucas, Virginia State Senator, tweeted that Miyares had fired the entire civil rights division. Victoria LaCivita, a spokesperson for Miyares, stated that this was incorrect information.

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