Philadelphia Health Officials Don’t Want Christmas Cheer To Be Spread Outside Your Own Home

You can Ho-Ho-Ho all you want, just not with people outside your own house. At least if you live in Philadelphia that is. Fox News 29 reports “On Monday, health officials stated that the city has seen COVID-19 infections rate double in the past few weeks, and hospitalizations increase by about 50%. The city announced a new vaccine mandate impacting indoor dining establishments would be implemented on Jan. 3 in response to the rising case counts.”

This is a massive restriction to place on people for the holidays. While many will do what they think is best for themselves or their family, far too many blindly follow along with whatever their local advisors suggest. They cannot do their own research or make their own plans.

Dr. Cheryl Bettigole serves as the Philadelphia health commissioner and has had a lot to say on the subject. “Please do not get together with other households for Christmas. Our contact tracing tells us that these gatherings when we get together with friends and family are when we infect each other with COVID. We saw it with Thanksgiving, and I worry that people who were getting together then likely contributed to the cases we’re seeing now… Instead, profess your brotherly love and sisterly affection by wearing your mask, by avoiding crowded indoor spaces, by staying home if you’re sick, and by getting every dose of COVID vaccine that you’re eligible for.”

I’m sorry dear Doctor, you are absolutely insane. People have spent the better part of the last 2 years now in fear of a virus. A virus that has been mutating, and while this latest variant is considered to spread ‘more easily’ it is also the weakest version of the disease we have seen to date. That’s a rather strong indicator that we as a country as getting through the worst of it, and we are getting healthier.

Even the White House Chief Medical Advisor is suggesting people enjoy the holidays with families and enjoy a typical holiday. This should not be that difficult of a task to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, especially when he of all people is encouraging it. While there is something to be said about being safe in unfamiliar areas, your local guidance and your own research make you the best informed and able to make your own decisions.

As Philadelphia goes the opposite way of states like Florida, they are doing nothing but kissing the ring of the progressive left. A section of our government that has been salivating at an opportunity like this to keep us all under control. To keep us under their thumb has been their goal for decades. They don’t enjoy our freedom, they would rather see us oppressed in a Socialist or Communist regime. Dependent on the Government to tell us everything and provide everything for us, as we all serve as just another cog in the machine.

That’s not what America is about, and that’s not what it was founded on. This is a country founded on the principles of freedom. Freedom to choose what religion is best for you and your family. Freedom to decide what is the best medical decision to keep your family safe. Freedom to speak your truth and be heard. Given the recent rulings about what is considered private space and what is public when it comes to social media, we cannot afford to lose medical autonomy, so please go celebrate with your family. If they make you miserable, do it anyway and have an extra pint while doing it. I can guarantee it’s what our founding fathers would have done.

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