Court and Issues a Stern Warning

The president is up to his ears with legal trouble that stems from the Supreme Court down to a wide range of lower court rulings. His troubles started when he killed the “Remain in Mexico” deal that Donald Trump had set up during office. Biden hated that illegals could not march right into the country and do whatever they wanted to the people. So, he did away with that protective measure.

That one action opened the door for human smugglers to increase their kidnapping and drop kids off in the wilderness. He has turned his back on the country and expects praise for his betrayals. But in America, the courts have a way of stopping the illegal actions of one man, even if he is the president.

The courts would tell Biden to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” program. It took the old man some time to comply, but he finally did reluctantly. His nasty team of American haters would try and appeal the court’s decision. But even that move would fall short because Biden is terrible at winning court cases.

The media failed to report that Mexico was not in favor of Biden killing the program. It was a deal that benefited both parties. And when Biden killed the deal, it ended the benefits that Mexico was receiving for keeping asylum seekers on the south side of the border.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals looked at the challenge by the Biden Administration and killed the appeal they were trying to make. And some of the words they had for the president were somewhat pointed and got right to the point they were trying to make.

RedState reported that the court stated that “DHS’s proposed approach is as unlawful as it is illogical. Under Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit precedent, this case is nowhere near moot. And in any event, the vacatur DHS requests is an equitable remedy, which is unavabile [sic] to parties with unclean hands. The Government’s litigation tactics disqualify it from such equitable relief.”

They were trying to make that Biden cannot simply write a memo and kill a deal that two countries signed in good faith. The old man needed to work with Congress and send the idea through the legislative process. It is the same response that previous presidents had received when they tried to kill former presidents’ deals. The court pretty much told Biden that he was not a dictator.

The RedState also reported that the “The Government also raises a slew of reviewability arguments, contending that no court may ever review the Termination Decision. DHS claims the power to implement a massive policy reversal—affecting billions of dollars and countless people—simply by typing out a new Word document and posting it on the internet. No input from Congress, no ordinary rulemaking procedures, and no judicial review. We address and reject each of the Government’s reviewability arguments and determine that DHS has come nowhere close to shouldering its heavy burden to show that it can make law in a vacuum. On the merits, the Termination Decision was arbitrary and capricious under the APA.”

Joe Biden got his hopes smashed again as the court upheld the law. The president continues his push to violate and nullify the Constitution, and the courts are tired of seeing his name in one case after another. All Biden wants to do is play around and try to manipulate his way into a position of power. A position that would enable him to issue illegal orders until the day he is voted out of office.

The Democrats went after Donald Trump his entire term in office, trying to get the courts to side with them. And now that they sit in power, the courts are dealing them one loss after another because what they are doing is illegal. But what Donald Trump was doing was just fine. The Democratic Party does not represent America. Only the Republicans support the Constitution and the freedoms that it provides.

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