Half Of Democrats Say Inflation Is Affecting Their Family Budget

A survey was conducted between Dec. 15-17, with 1,762 respondents. 70.8 percent said that inflation was affecting their budgeting. A little more than 29 percent disagreed. The poll asked if the current rate of inflation is affecting your family budget. 50.3 percent of Democrats replied “yes” to that question. Nearly 90% of Republicans agreed, and 77% of independents.

Broken down by race, 73.9% of white respondents, 68.1% of black respondents, and 68.1% of Hispanics responded “yes.” Gender responses were virtually identical, with 74.5% of men and 74.6% of women saying that inflation is a serious problem.

Eighty-two percent of those with less than a Bachelor’s Degree and 70.7 percent for those with a higher degree also stated that inflation has impacted their family’s budget. All age groups reported that inflation had impacted their finances. The highest “yes” rate was among those aged 35-49 at 81.2 percent. The second highest was 78.8 percent for the 50- to 64-year olds, followed by 72.9 percent for the over-65 group and 59 percent for the 18-34 age group.

The results were almost identical by region. 71% of the Northeast, 79% of the West, 72.5% of the Midwest, and 76.89% of the South responded “yes” to the question about inflation affecting their family’s budget. The poll concluded that inflation was having a broad impact on the country, regardless of who you are and where you live.

Recent polls also found that 69 percent disapprove of the way Biden has handled inflation. These poll results are coming as U.S. businesses have increased their expectations for inflation in the next decade to 3.2 percent. At 26.5 percent, wholesale and supply chain inflation is also at their highest levels since 1974.

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  1. Hmmm, does anyone real think that INFLATION would not affect them? ABSOLUTELY it affects everyone and those who have to budgets due to having a limited source of income will tell anyone that FOOD is up approximately 40 to 50% in the LAST 11 MONTHS! Their Utility Bills for Heating, Air Conditioning and Cooking are up approximately 25-40%!
    So anyone who say they do not see or feel the increase in price are either lying or have so much disposable income inflation does not bother them, OH those folks are idiots for not paying attention!
    There is only one thing these DEMOCRATS can do to change this SCENARIO because PRESIDENT HIDING SLEEPY JOE will continue his DESTRUCTION of the UNITED STATE, he will not change course and that is to VOTE REPUBLICAN to that they have a SUPER MAJORITY in the SENATE to prevent VETOS and a MAJORITY in the House of Representatives to pass LAWS that will encourage ECONOMIC GROWTH by getting the UNITED STATES back to OIL & GAS INDEPENDENCE. For some reason DEMOCRATS DO NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGE about the IMPORTANCE of OIL & GAS and COAL. These items are what provides ELECTRICITY for your home, business, schools, etc. WITHOUT OIL & GAS there will be no ELECTRICITY for charging ELECTRIC CARS, LAWN MOWERS, ETC.
    OIL & GAS IS THE BASE to any ECONOMY and will be for decades to come.
    SO DEMOCRATS VOTE for a REAL REPUBLICAN who puts YOU and YOUR COUNTRY FIRST! An ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE that will listen to his CONSTITUENTS and will UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION and LAWS that makes our streets safe and protects our families.

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