Stefanik & Trump Have Announced Plans To Win Big & Retake The House In 2022

Former President Donald Trump hosted an online fundraiser for House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik at his New Jersey golfing course with a room of 50 donors, including big donors Karen and Kay Kemmerer, the owners of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Stefanik was elected last month by GOP peers to replace Rep. Liz Cheney as the House Republican Conference chairwoman. She is now the third-highest ranking member of the House Republican Caucus.

Elise tweeted on the way to the event that she was excited for “our biggest #TeamElise fundraiser yet” and that Republicans and the American people have never been more energized and excited to defeat the radical left and save our country. “

Elise has been an incredible and loyal part of the GOP movement and was a defender of Trump’s former impeachment hearing She was one of the toughest critics on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his handling of the coronavirus in New York, including his multiple scandals surrounding coronavirus orders and sexual harassment accusations against him. She referred to him as the “worst governor” in the country. Trump said that Elise is going to ‘win big’ and raise the money she needs to help the party retake the House.

“I see she has the radical crazies after her, crazy Democrats, meaning she’s already doing an amazing job as our Conference Chair. I’m with Elise 100 percent, she’s going to have an incredible career, we have to back her 100 percent,” Trump said.

Trump spent most of the online event talking to donors about a GOP strategy to retake the House in 2022 and criticize President Joe Biden’s inability to deal with the conflict on the U.S-Mexico border and the recent bloodshed in Israel.

Jason Miller, the senior advisor to President Trump, shared that Elise’s leadership will make the House GOP more united than ever and that they will work hard to raise the money they need to retake the House next November. “Elise is already working hard and raising record money to fire Pelosi and save America! She is a fighter and a winner,” he said.

Stefanik raised over $250,000 for the Elise Victory Fund so far. She thanked Trump on the call for support and emphasized how they will work together as one.

“Thank you to my friend President Trump for hosting such an incredible event as we work as one Republican team to win next November. The stakes could not be higher as the American people see the destruction and dismantling of our country by the radical far-left Socialists in the White House and Congress,” Elise said in a statement after the event.

Earlier in the day, Stefanik also tweeted about the New York Time’s recent meltdown. NYT editorial board member Mara Gray drew criticism this week for saying she was “really disturbed” by the sight of pickup trucks displaying American flags. “President Trump loves our flag. Trump supporters love our flag #NY21 loves our flag. Americans love our flag. And yet the @nytime is in full meltdown mode because they are “disturbed” by seeing Americans fly American flags. This is today’s biased media folks!”

Stefanik has emerged as a fighter for the GOP, ready to take on the radical left and their agenda. If there’s anything in store for the 2022 elections, they’ll include Stefanik and Trump.

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  1. Love this gal –
    Politician who stands strong has a backbone & doesn’t backdown to the CORRUPT LEFT!!!! Too bad there aren’t more Republicans like her –
    Most of them r sellouts to their lobbyists & special interest groups!!!!

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