Trump Gets Dragged For Recommending Hydroxychloroquine In 2020, New Study Reveals The Drug Triples Coronavirus Survival Rate

Back in March 2020, former President Donald Trump was talking about hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug that could possibly prevent COVID-19 and increase survival rates. He’d been taking it to prevent from catching the virus, even though Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization emphasized that it wasn’t effective. They said that more data was needed to prove its efficacy and that hydroxychloroquine can be effective in ‘certain situations.’ Seems like the more we learn, science is more about despising Trump than the actual science.

At the time, Big Tech and social media fact-checkers suppressed stories about hydroxychloroquine, just as they did with the lab leak theory, and told people to “trust the science.” Twitter even restricted Donald Trump Jr’s account after he posted a video of the doctors talking about the effectiveness of the drug. They accused him of “spreading misleading and potentially harmful misinformation” about the pandemic.

Mainstream media described Trump’s support of the drug as “reckless and dangerous,” even though more studies have come out to prove the opposite of what they claim.

The medical site medRxiv had published a new study that suggests severely ill patients on a ventilator could be helped with high doses of hydroxychloroquine and zinc. The study found that the coronavirus survival rate increased by almost three times and by nearly 200% in ventilated COVID-19 patients. The study also found the drug particularly effective in terminally ill patients, who would’ve otherwise died without the drug. They found that the two drugs, HCQ and AZM, were above a certain level and had a survival rate of 2.9 times the other patients.

“By using causal analysis and considering of weight-adjusted cumulative dose, we prove the combined therapy, >3 g HCQ and > 1g AZM greatly increases survival in Covid patients on IVM and that HCQ cumulative dose > 80 mg/kg works substantially better,” the report reads.

In a December study from the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, researchers found 84% fewer hospitalizations among patients treated with the drug and quicker recoveries in patients with mild symptoms who were treated with it. Dr. Fauci even emailed physicist Erik Nielson and recommended two drugs that could help battle COVID-19, one of them being hydroxychloroquine.

Since April of 2020, doctors around the country have been prescribing the medication with positive results. More than 1000 doctors participated in a survey from Jackson & Coker to show overwhelming support of prescribing hydroxychloroquine to a family member suffering from COVID-19. 65% said they would prescribe anti-malarial drugs chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Only 11% said they would not use the drug at all.

Biological weapons expert Dr. Steven Hatfill said the media’s narrative is to blame for the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary American deaths that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was false. They didn’t want competition for the vaccines,” he said.

The media that once claimed former President Trump was wrong and undermined the administration for advocating it are now publishing studies that show the treatment has saved many lives. It’s criminal what the media, Dr. Fauci, medical experts, and politicians did to push their own radical-left narrative.

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