Inconsistent Biden Gets Slammed by a Northern Governor Over COVID

Joe Biden is turning out to be a prime example of what it means to hate Republicans and promote divisiveness. When the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott announced that he was pulling the final restrictions of COVID-19 and opening the state 100 percent, Biden decided that he needed to personally attack Abbot with name-calling and a Democratic attack of character.

Biden wants every leader to go along with his backward approach to dealing with COVID-19. He wants the right to tell people when it is safe to reopen. And when that choice is taken away from him, he goes on a temper tantrum march crying like a spoiled brat.

Abbott and the governor of Mississippi were on the liberal hit list with their announcements to break ranks. Biden went off the deep end and decided that personal attacks were in line.

Biden stated that “The last thing, the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime everything’s fine, take off your mask. Forget it. It’s still matters. … And it’s critical, critical, critical, critical that they follow the science. Wash your hands, hot water, do it frequently. Wear a mask and stay socially distant. And I know you all know that I wish the heck some of our elected officials knew it.”

Just over a month ago, Biden was pushing for unity and for everyone to work together. But that sentiment is only as good as long control stays with the president. He expects everyone else to bow to his demands and yield authority to him. But that is not going to happen with Republican governors elected to do a job for their particular state.

The United States is not one country with one part that makes up a whole. It is a country that is made up of independent states that have come together to form a Republic. Biden forgets that part of the story. He forgets that the power he has is only as good as the states that follow. And by calling them names, he is losing respect and the ability to unify the country.

The Democrats have taken science and made it to mean whatever they need it to support. They see the numbers and do not see hope, but instead, they see paranoia. They just cannot bring themselves to believe that the pandemic is getting better.

They love the idea of keeping people locked up and destroying businesses because that makes people dependent on the federal government for help. It all comes down to how much power Biden wants to have over everyone. And the Republicans are getting in the way of his plan to take over the world.

Open states such as Florida and Texas do not even come close to the infection rate in California. They have been under lockdown for over a year, and nothing has gotten better. Florida and Texas can add their rates together, and California would still have higher numbers. And somehow, Biden thinks that Gavin Newsom’s methods are better than Greg Abbott’s or Ron DeSantis’ approach.

The science supports opening states back up. The virus is gone, which proves most people have already had it, and the vaccines are working well.

Biden’s hateful remarks caught the attention of Montana’s governor. He came out and slammed the president for his remarks and stated that “If making data-driven decisions to reopen, loving freedom, and trying to get back to normal is what a Neanderthal would do, then well, I guess you can count me as one.”

Apparently, the science is so easy to understand that even a brainless devolved lifeform can understand that it is time to open everything up. In a significant way, Biden stated that he is of a lesser lifeform because he does not understand science at all.

The bad part about Biden’s approach to COVID-19 is that he barks like a dog at Americans to mask up but allows illegals to come into the country with positive infections. He seeks to lockdown healthy people but allows festering illegals to run untamed through the countryside.

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