Biden’s Stripping Away Political Policies Just Because He Hates That Trump Made Them

Bad policies deserve to be overturned. It’s how the country learns, improves, and moves forward. However, it’s important that the policies are truly “bad.”

What makes a political policy a bad one? It either makes the country more vulnerable than it should, costs the country too much money or has another negative impact.

A political policy should not be overturned simply because it was written by a president that you don’t like. It shouldn’t matter who writes the policy as long as it is a good one for the country.

Well, Joe Biden is showing that he’s the pettiest of the petty.

With the sign of his pen, Biden undid several important foreign policies for no reason other than spite. And since he used executive order, Congress couldn’t even weigh in on whether it was the right move for the country or not.

This has to stop. Former President Trump worked on those policies because it was something that both sides of the political spectrum had agreed to. Everyone was in favor of the policies. Now, Biden’s pettiness is leaving the U.S. beyond vulnerable.

Each policy that Biden has done seems to be worse than the next.

First, Biden has chosen to undo the border policy, which means that the deals that kept asylum seekers at home from within the Northern Triangle are now gone. It means that thousands are making the risky journey and there’s a massive surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Migrants are flooding the U.S. and Biden seems fine with that.

Second, Biden has chosen to walk back the Abraham Accords, leading to withholding arms sales and raising tariffs. It’s causing regional chaos simply because Biden didn’t want to continue with the peace deal that was negotiated by Donald Trump.

Finally, Biden decided to throw caution to the wind when it came to climate control. He rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which means that the U.S. has to spend more money even though there are other countries not upholding their ends of the agreement. The U.S. was capable of reducing carbon emissions outside of the agreement. However, Biden took it another step by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project. It was a great way to keep the U.S. in control of its own energy and provide tens of thousands of jobs. Yet, Biden just wanted to keep the radical environmentalists happy.

This has all been done before President Biden has even reached the halfway mark of his first 100 days. Every good thing that Donald Trump has done for the United States was destroyed by Biden because he simply didn’t want Trump to have bragging rights of how he helped the country.

What Biden doesn’t realize is that there were some really good policies created by Trump. By choosing to be petty, he’s made it harder for the country to recover. He’s created an immigration problem, a global peace problem, and an energy problem.

How is any of this a good thing?

Biden isn’t even bothering to work with Congress. He could have brought these issues to the House or Senate to see if everyone could have worked on a deal to make improvements. Instead, he chose to use his executive powers. And, as a result, he’s tipped the balance of power in DC.

The president is never meant to have absolute control. Yet, Biden doesn’t care. He has stripped the policies created by Trump simply because he didn’t like the man. He chose to be petty instead of being an American.

Now, Biden seems to be in a power-hungry fog as he continues to make dangerous decisions for the country. It’s only a matter of time before he’s stopped. However, stopping him also means handing control over to Kamala Harris.

It’s unfortunate that Biden couldn’t have been the moderate, unity-bringing president that he promised he was going to be.

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