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Harris Pushes Gun Control in Atlanta Event

Vice President Kamala Harris wasn’t picked for her current job because she’d challenge President Joe Biden on much of anything. She shares his politics on just about every issue you care to name. 

Especially on guns.

She’s an outspoken supporter of gun control in her own right, and while she wasn’t quite as anti-gun during her own presidential campaign, she also wasn’t exactly taking a pro-gun stance, either.

On Tuesday, she was in Atlanta, and the topic of conversation was the right to keep and bear arms, or at least the version Harris thinks we should actually enjoy.

Vice President Kamala Harris was in Atlanta again Tuesday, the second time in less than a week.
She visited the Carter Center for a summit on gun violence in partnership with a local rapper.
She talked about providing more resources to prevent gun violence in metro Atlanta.
The crowd was full of survivors – relatives of victims who had been murdered. They cheered when Harris talked about providing mental health services to young people.

She started off by saying she’s not against the right to bear arms.
“I’m in favor of the 2nd Amendment. I also believe there’s no reason why we have assault weapons on the streets of America. They are weapons of war,” Harris said.

Harris claimed her administration led to the hiring of some 300 more mental health workers for Georgia schools, which may well be true and if so, is arguably a good thing.

But the truth of the matter is that you cannot say you’re in favor of the Second Amendment, then try and suggest that we have to have a reason to own certain guns, especially something like so-called assault weapons.

People like Harris love to point to the whole militia clause thing, but it makes it pretty clear that our Founding Fathers wanted us to have guns useful in defending this nation. For the record, that’s not your average hunting rifle.

When you decide to start restricting what guns people can and can’t have, arguing that they have no reason to own them, especially when you dismiss people telling you why you’re wrong, you introduce a problematic way of thinking into the debate. You’re claiming that people have to justify to you, individually, why they should be permitted to own a particular kind of weapon.

That’s not a right, that’s a privilege that people are having to basically beg to get.

The Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Privileges.

Harris, however, clearly doesn’t agree based on her comments here and in the past. She thinks we should be relegated to hunting weapons at most and, possibly, some handguns. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks revolvers should be our only option, especially since semi-automatic handguns have been issued to the military for more than a century now. Wouldn’t that make them “weapons of war” since they’ve, you know, been to war?

That’s more than the AR-15, after all.

So no, she isn’t in favor of the Second Amendment. She never has been and probably never will be.

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  1. So,Harris takes to the field to see how she scores in the public eyes? She got approval because she talked to victims family? I hardly doubt if she would get the same reaction if she were to speak to families who were murdered from her border policies. Yes, I thought she was supposed to handle it, the border czar? The only people I’ve heard being there are people from congress, seeing for themselves what has transpired there. Harris has no credibility either, a bum with a VP salary.

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