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Dem Staffer Brags That Biden Bought His Vote With ‘Canceled’ Student Loans, Gets Wrecked in Response

Joe Biden has a new election strategy as he continues to flounder in the eyes of the American people. Is he going to reinstate the various border policies he reversed upon taking office, leading to the worst illegal immigration crisis in the nation’s history? Of course, not. Instead, he’s going to spend your money to “cancel” student loans so he can buy votes. 

A Democrat “comms” staffer on Capitol Hill posted the debt “forgiveness” letter he was sent, and it’s basically campaign propaganda. 

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“Congratulations, the Biden-Harris administration has forgiven your federal student loans,” the letter reads as if Biden whipped out his checkbook and did it himself. That’s not true, though. It was American taxpayers who “forgave” this guy’s debt. Do you know what that makes Ben Kamens? It makes him a freeloader who pushed his debt burden onto the working class. And he thinks that’s something to brag about? Talk about having no shame. 

It gets worse, though. Apparently, Kamens’ job was already paying the debt for him. In other words, he was not in need of “debt forgiveness” at all. He wasn’t struggling. He wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck. He appears to be a nominally well-off individual. Yet, because the government is the dumbest entity on the planet, he ended up with a taxpayer giveaway in a country that is already $34 trillion in debt. 

Naturally and justifiably, the responses weren’t kind. 

These vote-buying schemes are insidious, and they shouldn’t be supported no matter who is proposing them (yes, before you accuse me of being a hypocrite, I’m against Donald Trump’s plan to not tax tips). Everyone should be responsible for their debts, and everyone should pay taxes on their income unless the plan is to get rid of the income tax for everyone

You should not have select groups of people freeloading at the expense of hard-working Americans. A president also has no business sending out letters taking credit for spending taxpayer money to blatantly buy votes. Lastly, anyone receiving these handouts should have enough shame to not rub it in the faces of others while proclaiming, “This is why elections matter.” 

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