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Hillary Clinton Makes Disgusting and Vile D-Day Post

Thursday brought about the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, celebrating the hard-fought invasion of France to free Europe from the grips of Adolf Hitler. For Americans, it’s a day to remember those who left their families and crossed an ocean to give everything for a just cause. 

What is it for Hillary Clinton? It’s a day to show what a disgusting person she is. 

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Clinton locked replies to her post, and it’s no secret why. Had she not done so, she would have been ripped apart. She can’t lock RedState, though, and you better believe I’ve got some things to say about this stupidity.

Let me say it clearly for those in the back. Donald Trump is not Hitler. He is not a “threat to democracy.” No matter who wins in November, the American system of government will continue to operate despite its flaws. There will be no civil war or total collapse of society. Certainly, Trump will not declare himself dictator for life and “destroy democracy,” as Clinton is insinuating. 

To even make that comparison is vile and grotesque. It belittles the sacrifices of those who died on the beaches of Normandy and during the fighting further inland to secure key objectives. It essentially says that Clinton and other Democrats are their equivalent. That somehow, voting against Trump is an equal act of “protecting democracy” compared to those who braved machine gun fire, crawled through barbwire, and cleared bunkers in vicious close combat. 

These delusions of grandeur are astonishing and pathetic. This is what happens when people, devoid of religion and purpose in life, try to project their emptiness onto politics. No, you aren’t like D-Day veterans because you showed up to vote against the bad orange man. To even suggest that is insane. That I even have to say that is a sad testament to just how far the Democratic Party has fallen. 

All of the hysterical rhetoric surrounding Trump and “democracy” is the work of cynical partisans hoping to take advantage of low-IQ voters. They can’t win on policy, and they know it.

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