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Biden Told Hunter to ‘Get Some Help’ Days After He Bought Gun

Hunter Biden is in hot water as his trial begins. There’s no real discussion about whether he bought a gun or whether he used drugs. Both are pretty well established.

Instead, his defense seems to be to try to poke as many tiny holes in the prosecution’s case as he can, all in hopes that it’ll be enough for the jury. They can’t really prove any of the facts presented are false, so this is probably their best hope.

Yet Hunter’s addiction was probably pretty bad. It was so bad that just days before the purchase, Joe Biden told his son to get some help.

Hunter Biden’s ongoing federal trial on gun charges has led to renewed focus on a voicemail in which his father, President Biden, urged his son to “get some help” — just three days after Hunter allegedly lied about his drug addiction to buy the firearm at the center of the case.
Audio of Joe Biden’s message, which was previously recovered from Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop, was resurfaced by DailyMail.com as opening statements in the first son’s trial got underway in a Delaware courtroom Tuesday.
The younger Biden, 54, has pleaded not guilty to three felonies stemming from the Oct. 12, 2018, gun purchase he made when, according his own memoir, he was in the throes of a crack cocaine addiction.
The re-emergence of the voice message — dated Oct. 15, 2018 — suggests the elder Biden was aware of his son’s dependency at the time.
“It’s Dad. I’m calling to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. You’ve gotta get some help,” Biden can be heard telling his son in the audio.
“I don’t know what to do, I know you don’t either. I’m here, no matter what you need. No matter what you need, I love you.”

Three days after he bought the gun, his notoriously anti-gun father is telling Hunter to get some help.

The problem is that Hunter’s addiction was bad enough that dear old Dad knew about it and was trying to get it addressed. Parents are sometimes the last people to recognize that their kids are having an issue with addiction, so it was probably pretty hard to miss at that point. That meant it will be hard for anyone to make the case that he wasn’t really an addict or literally anything else that might mean he didn’t break federal law regarding using controlled substances and buying firearms.

Now, the question is whether this will hurt Hunter or not.

It’s not clear if the prosecution will use this as evidence to establish that Hunter was, in fact, an addict. I would, but I’m not a prosecutor. There’s also the fact that it might not be necessary since they have tons of other evidence clearly showing that Hunter Biden was a habitual user of illegal drugs.

And that everyone around him seemed to enable his drug use to some degree or another. 

Which, frankly, is what it is.

But he bought a gun while doing those drugs, marking that he was not a drug user on the 4473, which means he broke the law.

Let’s just hope that justice is actually served in this case, because there are a lot of people in prison right now for this exact same thing.

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