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Two Jordanians Pose As Amazon Drivers, Try to Breach Gates at Marine Base; WH and ICE Response Is Unreal

The White House needs to answer up about this crazy case. 

On May 3, two Jordanian nationals pretended to be subcontractors making an Amazon delivery when they drove up to the Fuller Road Gate at Marine Corps Base Quantico in a box truck.

Because the two had no affiliation with the Marine base and no credentials to enter it, military police officers directed them to go to a holding area to undergo standard vetting procedures, according to Curtis. But the driver blew past the holding area and attempted to drive onto the base.
Officers put up the vehicle denial barriers, blocking the truck from getting any farther onto the base, and detained the pair.
Potomac Local News, which first reported the attempted breach, reported hearing from multiple unnamed sources that one of the truck’s occupants was a Jordanian national who had recently crossed the southern border into the United States and that one occupant was on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

They were turned over to ICE, and ICE sources confirmed to Fox News that both suspects are Jordanian nationals. 

ICE Deputy Director Patrick Lechleitner was asked if he could confirm reports at least one of them was on the terror watchlist and if they were in the country illegally.

He refused, “I can’t confirm anything like that right now.” He did say they were in removal proceedings and the two remain in ICE custody pending those proceedings. 

That’s more than 14 days now. Why did we only start hearing about the incident this week? Why can’t we find out if they were here illegally? Or is it that they just don’t want to confirm one more violation of the Southern border under Joe Biden? That’s ridiculous. What, if anything, was in the truck? 

Fox’s Peter Doocy brought it up at the briefing with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday, and KJP stonewalled the response. “Two Jordanian nationals are in removal proceedings now after posing as Amazon delivery drivers to crash the gates at Quantico. Does the White House believe this might have been a failed terrorist attack?” Doocy asked.


Jean-Pierre refused to comment, saying that these two Jordanians remained in ICE custody, and because it was an ongoing law enforcement matter, she couldn’t comment. 

But Joe Biden has no problem talking about the prosecution against his opponent. They just don’t want to respond in a case that could involve someone on a terrorist watchlist as well as someone who entered through the Southern border. That would just emphasize how Joe Biden has failed to properly protect the country. 

They need to keep us informed about what is going on and they need to explain why this is only coming out now. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TV) blasted how the open border was endangering us. 



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