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Biden Pushes Gun Control at Peace Officers’ Memorial

Noting that President Joe Biden isn’t supportive of gun rights is like finding out the sun rises in the East. We already knew that, so it’s nothing new.

If anything, the only new thing is all the places he’ll try to interject his anti-gun agenda.

Time and time again, Biden has pushed for things like assault weapon bans–amusingly, often after mass shootings that didn’t use a so-called assault weapon–and universal background checks, among other things.

But I think we can all agree there are times when politics should take a back seat. These somber moments are often when we’re remembering the fallen.

Unfortunately for everyone, Biden can’t help himself.

President Biden addressed the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the Capitol on Wednesday, paying tribute to police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.
In remarks at the annual event, which is sponsored by the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Biden highlighted the trip he took to North Carolina just a couple of weeks ago to meet with the families of fallen officers in Charlotte. Four law enforcement officers were killed, and four other officers wounded by a suspect who opened fire in a warrant-related gunfight on April 30.

The president spoke about some of the achievements his administration has prioritized to get cops on the street, invest in public safety, pass gun control measures and protect first responders. He mentioned $350 billion included in the American Rescue Plan for states and cities to hire and retain police officers and pay benefits to disabled first responders, as well as $37 billion included in the Save America Plan to improve community policing. 
During his remarks, Biden emphasized his administration’s gun control initiatives. 
“The historic steps taken to support you, to stop the flow of illegal guns, to hold gun traffickers accountable for crime, it matters, and it matters a lot,” Biden told the gathered law enforcement officers, adding, “There’s still much more to be done.”

Except that Biden hasn’t actually done a thing to stop any flow of illegal guns.

What Biden has done, however, is make life harder for law-abiding citizens who wish to protect themselves during these violent times. His ATF’s “zero tolerance” efforts aren’t cracking down on gun stores breaking the law, it’s cracking down on stores who make paperwork errors, for one example

Criminals aren’t getting their guns through otherwise lawful means. They’re not walking into gun stores and buying them. Most of them aren’t even getting straw buyers to purchase them on their behalf. And contrary to the media reports, most aren’t buying or making “ghost guns,” either.

No, what we typically see are stolen guns being traded back and forth on the black market. So far, Biden has done absolutely nothing to address that.

In fairness, it’s not an easy problem to tackle. It’s not like you can just pass some laws and make the illegal trade of firearms more illegal, thus pushing black market dealers to quit selling. “I can’t sell you these guns anymore because while it was illegal before, now it’s extra illegal.”

But this is a memorial for fallen police officers. Pushing his anti-gun agenda as if it somehow addresses officer safety is beyond disgusting, especially as it has done nothing to help.

Take Charlotte, for example. A criminal armed with an illegal firearm shot and killed four law enforcement officers despite all the laws and efforts Biden has supposedly put in place. That’s because those rules don’t apply to criminals and never have.

Yet he’s going to pretend he did something for the benefit of police. This is a president from the same party that has turned cell doors into revolving doors.

You’ll excuse me if I don’t actually take him seriously.

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