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WATCH: ABC News Whines About Use of ‘Chemical Irritant’ Against Pro-Hamas Mob Trying to Wreck Graduation

The song and focus of the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel demonstrations remain the same, wherever they happen. So with college graduations across America upon us, what better target is there for the low-information, antisemitic demonstrators to try to destroy? 

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Such was the topic on Friday’s episode of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” And of course, with “Good Morning America” being Good Morning America,” the take was predictably sympathetic to the demonstrators.

At issue for the GMA crew was the notion of universities choosing to protect graduates on their special day, rather than allowing their delusional classmates — along with outside agitators and organizers — to ruin it.

Co-anchor Michael Strahan feigned shock at the top of the relative segment:

Victor is a piece of work, by the way, as evidenced by his attempt to kick up faux tension as he responded:

And who’s to blame for those “tensions,” Victor? 

OK, wait. “Chemical irritants”? 

Dude, we’re not talking about chemical weapons of war, here. Besides, your operative word was “dispersed,” as opposed to injured or maimed. Moreover, “dispersing” those intent on “dispersing” college graduates from their graduation ceremony is the preferred option— like it or not.

Oquendo cluelessly continued— with an objective:

In other words, “Look how peacefully the good people at George Washington University did it? They didn’t unleash chemical irritants on innocent protesters like the bad police did at the University of Arizona!”

Victor wasn’t finished:

“Treated”? Oh, please. 

I’ll go out on a safe limb and bet that UCLA seniors who worked damn hard for their degrees would much rather have been “treated” to the graduation ceremony they had envisioned than a fireworks show — drones or not.

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