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Biden Spreads Hoax About Trump, Confuses World Leaders Again, and That’s Not the Worst Part

Joe Biden is out on the West Coast to campaign. 

But unfortunately, even out there, he’s still Joe Biden so you know falsehoods and unbelievable tales will follow. 

At a private fundraiser in Portola Valley, Biden tried to attack former President Donald Trump. But he did so with a debunked hoax. 

That’s despicable that he’s wishing ill on his opponent. Talk about breaking norms. 

Then, of course, former President Donald Trump never said any such thing. Yet, Biden keeps spreading versions of this lie and he doesn’t seem to give a darn about the truth.  

While Reuters covered what Biden said, they didn’t call out the Biden hoax. In fact, they seemed to back it up with what they said. 

No, Reuters, that’s not what he said. He was talking about the research being done with ultraviolet light and how that worked like a disinfectant.  He was talking about interesting scientific research, not suggesting people inject bleach, and anything would have to “have to use medical doctors.” 

He then went on to say: 

So Reuters not only didn’t do its job of fact-checking Biden’s lie but they appeared to continue it. 

On top of that, while they concentrated on the hoax, Biden made a huge mistake referring to Kim Jong Un as the leader of South Korea, when he tried to attack Trump. But Joe only exposed how confused he was, “I’ll never forget his love letters for South Korean President Kim Jong Un.”

How bad is it when Biden can’t even keep basic information that Kim Jong Un is the leader of North Korea straight in his head? He’s actually met the South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol multiple times. He previously mistakenly called him President “Loon.” That must have gone over well when he did that. The South Koreans must think Biden is completely out of his mind at this point — and unfortunately they would be right. 

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