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YouTube Personality Gives Master Class in Trolling at UCLA Pro-Hamas Protests, Exposes Utter Hypocrisy

A YouTube personality by the name of Danny Mullen hysterically exposed the extremists at the recent UCLA pro-Hamas protests as the total hypocrites they are. Leftists whine over whatever their latest outrage is, but then go on to commit the very behavior they’re condemning; it’s like clockwork.

Remember the fauxrage over country star Luke Combs’ cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” which became a huge hit decades after Chapman’s 1988 original release? They were triggered because a straight white man dared to perform a song written by a black queer woman.

“Cultural appropriation” frankly is one of the stupidest developments coming out of ProgressiveWorld—in reality, everything is influenced by what came before it, every style, every work of art, every song. No single group “owns” a hairstyle or a genre of music, but the left has decided that sometimes they do—and that’s where Mullen wrecks them.

Watch and laugh as he mocks white people for wearing keffiyeh, an act which by their definition is the epitome of “cultural appropriation”:

MULLEN: I know this is an outdated term, but is cultural appropriation not a thing anymore? [Points to keffiyeh-wearing lady] I don’t think you’re Middle Eastern—you can’t wear that scarf. 

ACCENTED MAN STANDING NEXT TO HIM: Like technically, man, that is cultural appropriation.

MULLEN: That’s shame. Shame, shame, shame. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You know, I’m gonna film it right now. [Pulls out phone.

Look at that. That is a white person. That is a white person. Shame! SHAME! SHAAAAAME!! 

MAN: You have a great point, man. 

MULLEN: [Explaining to bystanders why he’s yelling:] I’m shaming her because she’s white and she’s wearing a Middle Eastern headdress. It’s really not OK. 

“Shame! SHAME!” he yells at the blatant appropriator, evoking memories of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones being force-marched naked down the streets as the crowd yelled that at her. 

“That is cultural appropriation,” says an accented man standing next to Mullen. “You have a good point.” The man may be in on the joke with Mullen—it’s unclear—but it’s still funny.

The left is constantly making rules for others yet violating them themselves. Hate speech is bad—unless it’s against Jews. Cultural appropriation is bad—unless it’s for a woke cause. Free speech is good—unless you say something they don’t like. Democracy is good when they win, but very very bad when a conservative gains momentum. Weaponizing the government is awful, except when it’s against Donald Trump. Police are the enemy, except when they need protection from counterprotesters. 

In a word, they are hypocrites. 

Often, humor is the best way to expose these Marxist ideologues, and Mullen certainly does that here. He’s not just funny, though; he’s also fearless. He braved the UCLA encampment and went behind enemy lines to troll them even more. Things started to go south at about the 36-minute mark, and he got a little roughed up, but luckily for him, things didn’t turn even more violent.


I’ll definitely be following this guy’s work in the future.

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