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Another Day, Another Biden Whopper – but This One Is Truly Shameless

Joe Biden is certainly known for telling whoppers. 

Not just tall tales about his background to pander to audiences, but big honking lies to deceive the American public, such as claiming that inflation was at nine percent when he came into office and he brought it down when in fact, it was one point four percent and he’s the one who drove it up to over nine percent. 

Where was the pushback from CNN? This was demonstrably false. Yet he said it without any shame, as though it were true, so he’s lying his head off or he’s delusional. To boot, he looked really bad on top of it. Just shameless, more so because he’s hurting so many people and just refusing to tell the truth about it. 

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That was Wednesday. Now it’s Thursday — and it’s another day, another whopper. And this one is maybe in some ways even more offensive. 

Not only does he not “keep promises,” but he willfully breaks them and then lies about them. 

He very famously did leave Americans behind when he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan after he had promised to get them out. He also lied about how many were actually left behind, downplaying the number. Not to mention all the thousands of allies to whom we had an obligation that he just left behind to be tortured and killed by the Taliban. That told any of our allies that we wouldn’t stand by them when push comes to shove, because he showed them he can’t be trusted.

Then there are the American hostages currently being held by Hamas. Biden is hamstringing Israel’s effort to take out the terrorists by stopping arms aid, and talks about the aid for people in Gaza more than he does about these hostages. This is why they are still being held because he keeps emboldening Hamas with his actions. And the reason he’s doing it is despicable: votes from the far left and places like Michigan where he thinks he needs to win to hold onto power. 


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  1. The only thing worse than Biden’s lies is the “cover up” by the media. The truth will come out and any “power” that the media might think they can obtain by their complicity in the lying is going to swallow them up into a deep, dark hole, and they will be flushed down into the sewer where they belong.

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