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WATCH: Painter Teaches Pro-Hamas ‘Protesters’ a Hilarious and Valuable Lesson After They Try to Block Him

The feel-good story of the day comes to us from Ohio where a painter taught a group of defiant pro-Hamas “protesters” a hilarious and valuable life lesson. 

In the now-viral video, the terrorist supporters can be seen lined up along a vandalized wall covered in Hamas propaganda. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the rest of us), their attempt to obstruct the painter from doing his job didn’t work out in their favor because he proceeded to simply paint over them.

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As expected, they are claiming they were “assaulted.”

This occurred at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland so there’s a chance some left-wing DA ends up charging the painter. Let’s hope that’s not the case given these trespassing clowns were no doubt asked to move repeatedly. It’s not exactly legal to vandalize something and then stand in front of it to prevent the clean-up. Why weren’t the police arresting them in the video? They probably didn’t bother given they know nothing will happen to anyone they take into custody. Can you really blame them?

Still, there’s something ironic about supposedly “smart” university students being taught a valuable life lesson by a blue-collar contractor. Of course, that irony only truly exists if you buy into the idea that the modern college system promotes excellence and not simply identity traits. We all know the latter is far more of a factor today than it was even a couple of decades ago. Someone getting covered in paint over support of literal terrorists doesn’t exactly scream intellectual heft. 

There’s a valuable life lesson in all this, though, and one Hamas itself has never learned. Actions have consequences, and those consequences don’t cease to happen just because cries of persecution ring out. These students believe there are no boundaries. They think they can do anything they want while the other side has to play by the rules they stipulate, i.e. “I can vandalize this and trespass, but if you react, you are assaulting me.” Given what they’ve gotten away with to this point, it’s easy to see why they think that way.

In the real world, that’s not how things work, and perhaps that painter did the world a small favor by pointing that out in such comical, yet prudent detail. The sooner this generation of babies realizes their tactics aren’t effective, the better it will be for everyone else.

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  1. The “protesters” prove how really idiotic they are. — They paint over walls and buildings and they think it is okay, then it only follows that non-protesters should paint over them. Love the painters!

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