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WATCH: VCU Protesters Set Up Tents, Attack Police Who Come to Get Them, Find That’s Not a Good Idea

Can we say the madness with these campus encampment protests is getting worse? It certainly seemed that way given the action on Monday. 

I wrote about the craziness at the University of Texas at Austin where people resisted police and refused to leave their encampment. The police had to lift them up and cart them away while they screamed their heads off. They also tried to block the police from leaving with the arrestees and ended up getting pepper sprayed. 

Columbia University is finally getting around to suspending a lot of the agitators. 


WATCH: UT-Austin Protestors Hit With Pepper Spray by Police, Have Meltdowns When Carted Off

FINALLY: Columbia U. Starts Suspending Pro-Hamas Student Protesters Who Refused to Disperse

There was also a lot of madness at Virginia Commonwealth University on Monday evening. Protesters tried to set up an encampment and you can see the police moving in here as the protesters attacked them with bottles and other projectiles. 

Police had to deploy spray after they were attacked. You can see protesters trying to push back against the police here, physically pushing and attacking the police. 

After doing that, it looked like one of them got pushed back by a cop with a riot shield and it didn’t go well for him. 

Fortunately, the police had riot gear and shields, but can we dispense with the claims that these protesters are peaceful already? At least six of them were arrested. 

But despite the violence and the pushback, it looked like the police largely prevailed. They dismantled the tent encampment and most of the protesters were dispersed. 

VCU released a statement, saying they needed to have safety for the students to complete the semester.

They noted many of the protesters were not students, a problem in some of the other protests as well. So what are they even doing there? 

Gov. Glenn Youngkin said that people can protest, “We will protect the ability to peacefully express yourself, but we’re not going to have the kinds of hate speech and intimidation that we’re seeing across the country in Virginia.”

Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears also weighed in with what was going on. 

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