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UCLA Econ Class Caught Teaching Anti-Israel ‘Divest’ Ideology: The Call Is Coming From Inside the House

On Monday, while anti-Jewish protestors continued the occupation of college campuses around the nation, a college professor at UCLA was giving lessons in “Divestnomics.”

While a “divest” lesson was given during an Economics class, a slide appeared titled, “What’s going on outside?” 

The professor goes over the list of demands of the student protestors, saying:

This is kind of separate but also related to what we’re doing. The list of demands for the encampment that’s happening outside and as well as across multiple universities. This is for UCLA specifically and the UCs. 

In the transcribed session, biases are presented through a one-sided perspective favoring divestment without consideration of alternative viewpoints or discussing potential drawbacks. Emotional language is used to espouse perceived inequalities in access to educational resources between Israeli and U.S. universities. 

Somehow, these students are given the impression that they are being treated unfairly… while protestors are outside obstructing campus entrances to Jewish students, potentially in violation of federal civil rights laws. 

The professor says:

And in addition to a cease-fire, divestment is also one of the requirements. So the bond market is responsible for keeping in or generating a lot of the capital that retirement funds are put into. And this goes across not just universities, but multiple corporate entities, right? And it’s just so happens, its just so intertwined in that it’s not impossible to divest, but it’s going to be very, very difficult. Like I said, it’s not impossible because it’s happened before during the South Africa apartheid and this is the exact strategy that was used before, right?
So it has worked in the past. It’s just going to be a little bit different now because of the U.S. very close engagement with Isreal. So not only in terms of investments and bonds, but in terms of even exchange programs and, you know, some universities have an unfettered, well, Israeli universities have unfettered access to U.S. universities free of cost with benefits. And again, a lot of U.S. citizens paying taxes do not have access to that. So that’s, in all of that, I would encourage you if you are, you know, you say, you know, that has nothing to do with you, it does. And I would encourage you to read more carefully about what’s going on if you are not in the know, right?

The issues with terroristic radicalization, and anti-Jewish intolerance we are seeing spreading in tent cities on university campuses are coming from the progressive ideologies taught in higher education. We’re facing a scenario of “the call coming from inside the house.”

The reason people say the schools are “indoctrination camps” is because they teach what to think instead of how to think for oneself and use comprehensive analysis. What is the point of an emotionally driven economics class, again?

Whenever possible, higher learning is presented through the lens of so-called social justice. And, that is the real reason leftist students have suspended all previous beliefs about women’s equality, and religion being an oppressive construct, or the fact that they were all LGBT allies last week, to cosplay using jihadist rhetoric in support of terrorist organizations and Sharia law.

The displays are insufferable even before harm to Jewish students is added to the equation. The protesting students have disregarded all principles of fairness and tolerance for the social justice flavor of the week. Convenient progressive ideologies are shaping higher education, and the problem is inside the classrooms. 

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