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Student Activists Postpone U of Washington Protest – Protesters ‘Too White’

Sometimes, a story makes you look twice and go, “Wait, what?” This is one of those; at the University of Washington, a student protest against Israel was postponed because the students involved were “too white.”

Isn’t that racist?

Students at the University of Washington postponed an anti-Israel demonstration planned for Thursday because too many of the students who signed up are white. 
According to MyNorthwest, a Washington-based radio station, the University of Washington’s Progressive Student Union (UWPSU) opted to delay an encampment in solidarity with Palestinian terrorists “to make sure this encampment is a better reflection of the UW community, and having even greater unity with Muslim, Palestinian and Arab students.”

Well, then, let’s see these young skulls full of mush show their work. What percentage of the “UW community” are Muslim, Palestinian, and Arab, and how will these youths make sure that each group is represented proportionately? If someone is a Muslim Arab from Gaza, does that one person count for all three, or must they find one of each? What about Muslims who aren’t Arabs or Palestinians? Would a student from Turkey or Indonesia count?

What about the Uyghurs? Why do these young skulls full of mush never mention the Uyghurs, who are the subject of an actual genocide? Is it because the Uyghurs are being oppressed by China, not by Israel, and therefore we must tiptoe silently away?

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These children are quick not only with their wokeness but also with their demands.

“We want to be part of a much larger coalition of groups and make no mistake, WE WILL HAVE A UW ENCAMPMENT! We want to make sure everyone’s voice is included and this action is as safe, secure, and strong as possible,” read a statement from the far-left student union published by MyNorthwest. 

It’s the all-caps that let us know that these kids really, really mean it this time—- if they can get enough POC (Protestors of Color) to attend and who check off the right ethno-religious check boxes.

To call these kids useful idiots does a grave disservice to useful idiots throughout history.

The Anti-Defamation League was quick to reply.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sent a letter to college and university presidents earlier this month to “urge you to take clear, decisive action now to ensure that graduation ceremonies, events, and functions run smoothly, and that all students and their families feel safe, welcomed and celebrated.”
“As leaders in the Jewish community, we ask that you take your role seriously in making sure that Jewish students — and all students — are not robbed of a positive, memorable lifecycle event,” said the ADL. 

That ship, sadly, appears to have sailed. There is essentially zero chance of a “positive, memorable lifecycle event” on these campuses this year. Revelations from earlier on Friday have shown us that these are no longer slightly comical student protests. There are powers behind these people with serious intent. They are advocating for revolution, not reform, and it’s past time these universities started expelling any students who take part.

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  1. Nothing like using racism to hypocritically ensure your racist (anti-Semitic) protests are most effective! These kids have the IQ’s and self-awareness of single-celled organisma, I swear!

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