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Biden Slips Up When Asked About Debating – His Handlers Are Going to Be Furious at What He Agreed To

Joe Biden did an interview with Howard Stern on Sirius XM on Friday. 

The interview was full of crazy claims, from saying that he was arrested on the porch of a black family during the civil rights movement to claiming that women sent him salacious pictures and he gave them to the Secret Service (which doesn’t protect senators). 


Biden Claims Women Sent Him ‘Salacious Pictures’ and Threatens Trump During Narcissism-Fueled Interview

Bizarre. None of the stories happened as he claimed — just like so many other stories he’s made up. 

But he also made another mistake that’s likely to infuriate the handlers behind the scenes when Stern asked him about debating former President Donald Trump. 

Biden gave a mumbling assent. 

“I am. Somewhere. I don’t know when,” Biden replied. “I’m happy to debate him.” 

Trump has been saying he will do it anytime, anywhere, and a Trump 2024 campaign adviser immediately agreed, asking to set it up.

Except we know Biden’s handlers have been trying to limit his exposure, and he’s previously tried to avoid it, blaming Trump in his public comments. He claimed last month, “Depends on his [Trump’s] behavior.” 

That was, of course, to try to give himself an out, to suggest he somehow didn’t deserve a debate. 

But how could he do it? It wouldn’t have a teleprompter. It wouldn’t be a softball interview like the Stern interview, which he couldn’t even handle without making crazy comments. He can’t even do a friendly fundraiser without telling a bunch of lies and confusing Jan. 6 with the date for D-Day. He can’t even walk to his helicopter without handlers being needed to cover how bad he looks when he’s shuffling out to Marine One. 

Some think he’s been forced into it, and that was a formal shift in approach. I wouldn’t bet on it. We’ll have to wait to see what the handlers say. I think we’ll see a walkback of some sort from Biden or his team, claiming that wasn’t what he meant because he would be destroyed by Trump in any debate so badly even the media spin couldn’t cover it. 


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  1. When are people going to learn what a creep Biden is. If going on the Piece of Excrement podcast, uh, I mean the Howard Stern show does not show that Biden is classless and a liar, I do not know what would. Unlikable.

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