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Muslim Americans Declare Political Uprising Against Biden Over Controversial Israel Funding

Muslim Americans have been gradually souring on President Joe Biden since the war between Israel and Hamas kicked off in October. But now, there appears to be a surge in resentment toward the president over his seeming support of Israel.

The impetus behind this development is the $26 billion aid to Israel package passed by the House. The Senate is expected to pass the bill as well, and Biden is likely to sign it into law, an issue that has alienated many Muslims from the president they used to support.

He continued, noting that the Biden administration “is already at its lowest point in its relationship with the American Muslim community.”

Osama Abu Irshaid, executive director for Americans for Justice in Palestine Action, indicated that the broken ties between Biden and the Muslim community cannot be fixed “unless the president can undo what has been done for the past six months in Gaza.”

He indicated that he voted for Biden in 2020 but will not vote for either Biden or former President Donald Trump in ’24.

As early as October last year, Muslim attitudes toward the president began to sour.

Muslim voters in swing states have organized a campaign to ensure that Biden loses the upcoming election to punish Democrats for supporting Israel.

The question is: How much will this harm President Biden’s chances of winning a second term in the White House?

So far, it is not quite clear, but there is no doubt that this shift in attitudes toward the president could be an issue. However, it is likely that most Muslims who no longer support Biden will stay home rather than vote for Trump, as Irshaid indicated. This could impede the president’s efforts to win key victories in swing states.

Given that the polling shows Biden and Trump in a dead heat, the drop in support among Muslims could spell disaster for the president’s campaign unless he is able to somehow rekindle the relationship.

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