Here’s the Phrase a UK Police Officer Said to a Jewish Man at a Pro-Hamas Rally That Caused an Uproar

It seems in the United Kingdom, merely being Jewish can get you arrested. Not literally, but if you wander near a pro-Hamas demonstration, don’t be shocked if police accost you to vacate or get slapped with cuffs because your presence is antagonizing the pro-terrorist hordes that have gathered to voice their support for Hamas and their genocidal agenda against Israel. 

This exchange in London is bizarre. A man wearing a yarmulke is told by a Metropolitan police officer being “openly Jewish” could create problems. They make it clear that this is a pro-Palestinian march and that he’s not accusing the Jewish man of anything, but his presence could lead to mayhem. Isn’t that more on the pro-Hamas clowns who gathered to voice their hatred of Jews? 

The second cop explains they can’t handle all the people getting out of hand if they start attacking him. Does anyone find this unacceptable and backward? 

The caption is accurate: “London has fallen.”

And, of course, the Met responded, and it was a shambles:

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