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SENILE: Joe Biden’s Painfully Awkward Trip to a Gas Station Is a Major Red Flag

Joe Biden had quite the day on Wednesday, and that’s saying something for the often-confused president. Traveling to Pennsylvania to once again pander to the “working class” he has no actual connection to, he decided to tell a made-up story about his uncle supposedly being eaten by cannibals. 

Yes, we are at the point where he’s now slandering people from Papa New Guinea in his pursuit of clout. The reverse Forrest Gump strikes again. 

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The president also let his senility get the best of him while attempting to throw Israel under the bus again. In a mind-numbing pronouncement, Biden claimed that he told Israel “Don’t move on Haifa.” There’s just one problem. Haifa is an Israeli city in the northern portion of the country, nowhere near Gaza. 

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Biden then showed up at a gas station in what can only be described as a painfully awkward and highly concerning visit.

Walking in flanked by Secret Service agents, no one seems especially impressed to see Biden. There’s no large crowd and no one expressing support like you see when Donald Trump visits a public establishment. After slowly meandering to the counter, the president does manage to get one person to take a selfie with him while everyone else just stands around. He then just turns around and walks out. The entire visit took around two minutes. 

As a political matter, this was a box-checking exercise and an ill-advised one at that. The contrast being drawn with Trump is not a good one, and I don’t just mean the lack of enthusiasm because what sticks out the most in that video is just how weak and feeble Biden is. 

Look at how he walks. His arms barely move, to the point where you can tell he’s actively thinking about moving them to look more normal. Never mind the short, choppy steps he takes at a pace that would lose a race to a sloth. Mentally, he genuinely looks like he doesn’t know where he’s at or why he’s there. His handlers probably just pointed what direction to walk and he ended up in a gas station. Then when confronted by a reporter on a policy question related to China, he told them “Don’t jump.” Jump from where? The first floor?

How does this man make it another four years if he’s re-elected? There has never been a president who sought a second term in this condition. It’s scary to think that Biden is in charge of the nuclear arsenal, which means someone else is actually in charge of the nuclear arsenal. All of this is a major red flag. American voters have to put their grievances aside and ensure this man is not put back in the White House.


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