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Raskin Loses His Mind When Comer Tells Him ‘You Need Therapy,’ Destroys His Deflection Defense of Biden

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing on China on Wednesday. 

But things went off the rails when Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tried to use his time to bash former President Donald Trump to deflect from questions being raised about Joe Biden and his family’s dealings with China. Raskin then claimed the impeachment inquiry against Biden had been dropped when Comer interrupted him to say that wasn’t true. 

Comer remained calm throughout Raskin’s loss. He asked Raskin if the bank statement was “Russian disinformation” and if you could discount the testimony of witness Tony Bobulinski. 

Then Raskin tried to deflect to Trump again. That’s when Comer smoked him, saying they had an obsession about Russia and Trump, “You need therapy. You all need therapy, Mr. Raskin.” 

That really set Raskin off. “You need therapy! You’re involved with the deranged politician.” Has he looked at Joe Biden lately while he’s talking about derangement? Your guy is confusing Haifa and Rafah and telling Israel “not to move” on their own cities while telling tall tales about his uncle and cannibals. 


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Raskin tried to deflect to Trump again. That’s when Comer dropped the hammer on his nonsense. “Oh, give me a break! What business were the Bidens in?” He asked: Did they have hotels, did they have golf courses, did they have a social media company? Basically, what’s the reason that they got millions from foreign nationals? 

Raskin went to deflection again because he couldn’t answer that question, saying that they’d spent “tens of millions” on the investigation of Biden. Comer said that was a lie. And it should be noted the Democrats didn’t give a darn how much they spent to try to go after Trump during those ridiculous impeachment efforts that didn’t result in convictions. 

Raskin then lost it, saying they got nothing. But Comer wouldn’t let him go, demanding to know what business the Bidens did for the money they got. “Why did they get millions and millions of dollars?” he demanded. 

That’s when Raskin’s deflection efforts truly departed into the ridiculous, claiming Biden was a “Senator of the United States” and then he “wrote a book” that he got millions for. 

Comer asked so that’s why the Bidens got millions from all these people from other countries — because Joe Biden wrote a book?  

Then Comer tried to get back to the hearing having dispatched Raskin, as Raskin continued to screech and say he wanted his time restored. Comer said his time had expired as Raskin lost it even more, yelling, “What is the crime?!” Comer replied, “You’ll find out very soon.” They’re only in the inquiry stage, so they don’t have to lay that out, but Raskin still couldn’t answer Comer’s question about the justification for the money paid to the Bidens. Not to mention all the other evidence of Biden meetings, dinners, and photos with foreign nationals. 

It’s hard to believe that Democrats vote for people who will do anything and embarrass themselves like Raskin did to defend Joe Biden and try to keep him in office. 

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