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John Kennedy Demolishes Dems Over Their Desperate Effort to Hinder Mayorkas Impeachment Process

As we reported earlier, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) just decimated DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, exposing how the Biden team was playing games and refusing to give straight answers about illegal aliens helping the electoral vote and congressional district reapportionment.

Mayorkas didn’t want to answer those questions likely because that would have exposed something they really didn’t want Americans to be thinking about. 

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But he also demolished his Democratic colleagues for their efforts to “table and maybe even dismiss” having a Senate impeachment trial and upsetting all normal precedent on the matter to seemingly save Mayorkas as well as save Biden the embarrassment and further exposure of the border problems right before the election. 

Kennedy gave it some of his classic touch, pointing out how it wasn’t just the opinion of some “snow bro who lives off Chicken McNuggets and weed” who thought  Mayorkas had committed impeachable offenses, that Mayorkas had been impeached by the House, who are supposed to be the representatives of the American people. The House, by a majority vote, passed two articles of impeachment. 

“Now, my Senate Democratic colleagues want to toss out in the trash like a week-old tuna salad sandwich without hearing from either side!” he declared.

It is required that the Senate take up the impeachment, but Senate Democrats are playing games. 

In more than two centuries in all our time, Kennedy said, “We’ve never once tabled an impeachment. Not once.” He also said if the Senate dismissed it, it would be a first. 

“The Senate has a responsibility to hold this trial,” he explained. 

But Democrats seem willing to abandon their congressional responsibility in order to “bury the evidence of how bad the border crisis is.” 

“If Democrats create a new precedent by making an impeachment trial impossible, as I’m afraid they’re going to try to do, they will be silencing the voices of the Americans who elected them, and they will have to own the decisions they will be making, and bear the consequences tomorrow,” Kennedy proclaimed. “And tomorrow may come sooner than they can imagine.”

So once again, here you have the Democrats contemplating blowing up norms, even as they claim somehow the Republicans are the danger to “democracy.”  What does adhering to the Constitution or more than 200 years of history mean anyway to them? Not a lot. It’s always and only about their power, they know this could hurt them badly before the election. So much for their oaths. 

But if they try this, it may come back to bite them in the fanny, just as former Sen. Harry Reid’s changing the filibuster rules ended up coming back and haunt them. 

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