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Inflammatory Biden Says MAGA Policies Would ‘Kill Millions of Americans,’ KJP Flounders Playing Cleanup

Biden, the president who is constantly decrying how poisonous the American political arena has become, on Tuesday continued demonizing anyone who disagrees with him by saying MAGA healthcare policies would literally kill millions of U.S. Citizens. Was he actually accusing Republicans of wanting to murder people? You be the judge:

BIDEN: My predecessor and his MAGA friends want to — I love the phrase — the — the language they use — they want to [spits out the word angrily] “TERMINATE” the Affordable Care Act.
BIDEN: “Terminate.” Well, guess what? Killing millions of Americans — taking them off of healthcare insurance and stripping others of services like homecare.


Ah, the king of unity, vilifying his political opponents once more. It’s become an all-too-common occurrence since he entered the White House. Note: these are actually two different speeches:

Uniting the country:

Biden Delivers One of the Most Divisive, Hate-Filled Speeches in the History of Our Presidency

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Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich took note of the president’s inflammatory rhetoric and put the question to hapless White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: was Biden flat-out accusing the GOP of wanting to kill people?

JACQUI HEINRICH: Did the president mean to essentially accuse Republicans of murder? I mean the language that he was using to describe opposition to the Affordable Care Act, the quote was they want to terminate the Affordable Care Act: “Terminate. Well, guess what? Killing millions of Americans.” Does he think that Republicans are trying to—” [crosstalk]. 
KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: I think you’re, I think you’re taking the most extreme definition or extreme evaluation of what the president said.


What a pathetic answer: “You’re taking the most extreme definition or extreme evaluation of what the president said.” Extreme? The only thing that is extreme here is Biden’s demagogic rantings. Heinrich is merely repeating his words and asking, “Did he mean what he said?” She didn’t put words in his mouth.

KJP then went on to ramble about the Affordable Care Act, never satisfactorily answering Heinrich’s question and clearly doing everything in her power to avoid it. Their interaction wasn’t done:

HEINRICH: [Inaudible] …use other language, though? It—it’s a stronger than usual…
KJP: But you’re taking what he said to the most extreme part of – of your definition or your realization.
HEINRICH: Well—he said it.

The corporate media in this country is constantly claiming Trump’s speeches and social media posts are aimed to incite violence—see their foaming-at-the-mouth, dishonest bloodbath-gate coverage—but they’re silent when the sitting president of the United States basically says his opponents want to kill millions of people. Disgusting.

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  1. China Joe doesn’t like the competition? The democratic party is the biggest terrorist organization who thrives on killing Americans. Illegals can invade America and commit all kinds of crimes, including murder and get away with it. But Americans are only second class citizens according to Democrats. Wake up people, before it’s too late. Dems are selling us out to China

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