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WATCH: College President Teaches Trespassing Pro-Hamas ‘Protesters’ a Valuable Lesson

Within hours of the massacre carried out by Hamas on October 7th, American-based activists took to the streets to decry Israel’s response. The bodies of the burned babies weren’t even cold yet, and these lunatics were taking to the streets, shouting genocidal slogans and demanding a “ceasefire.”

Since that time, countless illegal acts have taken place as activists, many originating on college campuses have, trespassed, harassed, and destroyed property in their quest to support a terrorist group. Antisemitism has reached levels not seen since World War II, and those in power have coddled those espousing it. That includes the Biden administration. Meanwhile, normal people have been sitting around in disbelief, waiting for someone to enforce the rules against these entitled brats. Finally, on a sunny Friday in California, someone did. 

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That someone is Pomona College President Gabrielle Starr. After a group of pro-Hamas protesters trespassed into an administrative building, she showed up, and she wasn’t there to hand out cookies. Instead, she gave them an ultimatum. More importantly, she followed through on it.

In the first video, you can see Starr telling the protesters that they had 10 minutes to vacate the premises. As expected, the mob of Hamas supporters thought she was bluffing and refused to leave. Why would they think any different given the lack of enforcement at other colleges? But then something incredible happened: Consequences. 

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As the second video shows, the police showed up in riot gear and arrested every single protester inside the building. Starr wasn’t done, though. She then immediately put out a decree suspending every student who attended the protest (both inside and outside in the courtyard) while all non-students were subsequently banned from campus.

That is how it’s done. That is how you return some semblance of order to America’s institutions. These pro-Hamas protesters do not have the right to keep making everyone else miserable by breaking the law and taking over various spaces. What Starr did should be a wake-up call for other college administrators. They can either throw down the gauntlet and regain control or be consumed by the chaos. There is no middle ground. 

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