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Report: 10 Percent of American Workers’ Jobs Vulnerable to AI Takeover

The words “intelligence” and “White House” aren’t terms we use in the same sentence much lately, but today it’s necessary, as the Biden administration’s annual Economic Report of the President includes an entire section on artificial intelligence (AI) and the possibility of Americans losing their jobs because of an AI takeover.

The growth of AI has been a matter of concern for some time now.

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Here’s where the usual government-speak comes in, though:

One suspects it won’t be long before some Biden administration spokesdroid comes up with the inevitable “women and minorities hardest hit” line.

Artificial intelligence isn’t really “intelligent,” and it is hard to see it taking over any occupation where any level of creativity is concerned. A computer program, after all, can only respond to anything as it’s programmed to respond; AI, at least as it exists now, is a tool and nothing more. A program is only as good as its programmer, and “garbage in, garbage out” applies. No conceivable AI could take the place of, for instance, animal lab work in the development of medical treatments; the most complex computer models imaginable are still laughably crude – and predictable – when compared with biological systems. One would suspect that applies to plenty of other disciplines, like engineering. As far as lower-skill jobs, like, for example, fast-food workers, then counter workers’ jobs may be replaced by automated systems, which could said to be, on some level, AI. It’s more appropriate to blame the government’s insistence on continually raising the costs associated with employment rather than the development of AI.

Let’s face it – it’s going to be a long time before AI gets this dangerous – or this cool:

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