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Hiding the Evidence: Media Blocked From Scene of Border Storming in El Paso

We told you about the chaotic scene in El Paso, Texas, Thursday when a horde of illegal aliens swarmed the fences at the southern border and clashed with the National Guard. President Biden and WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pathetically blamed former president Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott, respectively, for the situation.


Karine Jean-Pierre Knows Just Who’s to Blame for Storming at the El Paso Border: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

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But now Jennie Taer, the Texas-based reporter for the New York Post who broke the story with her colleague James Breeden and posted the stunning video, says that the area where the mayhem occurred has been blocked off to the media. How convenient.

“Looks like authorities aren’t too happy with her footage!” wrote Daily Telegraph’s National Affairs Editor James Morrow.

“Media now being blocked from the scene where we captured a breach by hundreds of migrants in El Paso yesterday, how do we do our jobs now?” Taer asked in her post. 

“The optics are terrible for Biden,” responded journalist Auden B. Cabello. 

The sign is simple and to the point: get the h*** out of here, and don’t you dare publicize the administration’s failings.

Wait—how can they tell reporters they are not allowed to talk to the “migrants?” Isn’t there a little thing called the First Amendment? 

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who has covered the border crisis extensively and posted multiple disturbing videos about what’s really going on down there, said it brought back memories:

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk entered the social media conversation, asking, who’s keeping you away from the site? “Feds, BP,” Taer replied.

She also reported that some of the illegals had knives: “SCOOP: TX Guard confiscated knives from migrants who rushed border, one tried to grab gun,” she wrote in one post. “We’re also told that TX authorities are reviewing video to determine which migrants were involved & are weighing state charges.”

In another post, she revealed that some of the illegals sported gang tattoos:

The Biden administration doesn’t want you to see this and will do everything in their power to hide the evidence, just as they’ve done all along. 

Meanwhile, the horrific terrorist action in Russia Friday showed the carnage and havoc that a small group of committed militants can wreak on society if left undetected. Who among the possibly 10 million people that Biden has let in has bloodthirsty intent?

Unfortunately, the answer is unknowable—but what we do know is that this is the fault of the ostensible captain of the ship, Commander in Chief Joe Biden. What he has let occur under his watch is a national disgrace, and while he and his underlings blame everything under the sun except themselves and their own terrible policies, they have created a truly dangerous situation. The blame for the potential results lies squarely at their feet. 

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