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Nikki Haley’s Super Tuesday Spin Is Beyond Ridiculous

Nikki Haley is going to get obliterated by Donald Trump. The former South Carolina governor knows this, along with all her supporters—all four of them. It’s now about lowering expectations, which the Haley camp has sunk to ridiculous depths to spin this dumpster fire of the campaign. No one expects much on Super Tuesday. The Haley campaign has reached a point where these new media lines from her communications staff do more to the case that she should drop out of this now-embarrassing spectacle. 

It’s something Ms. Haley should have done after New Hampshire. Buoyed by liberal donors, she continued in this self-destructive crusade to beat Trump. Now, there’s no more liberal money filling the coffers because everyone but this woman knows she’s politically dead. So, what’s the new line in the sand: they want a competitive showing (via NBC News): 

Is this where everyone can see that Haley can no longer spin these humiliating defeats and that she’s looking plain absurd right now? There won’t be any competitive showings, as Trump will probably clean up next Tuesday by double-digit margins. 

When you can’t lower expectations to blunt an impending loss, it’s time to call it quits. Also, these remarks about McConnell are fitting since she should also step down from her 2024 bid that never got off the ground. The Trump obsession has her sounding more like a Democrat than someone who wants to defeat Joe Biden. That’s been the case for a while now, but even that can’t be hidden.  

Take a hint, lady: GOP voters don’t want you. 

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