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Kamala Pushes for Six-Week Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas War Even Though the Terrorists Still Hold Hostages

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in Selma, Alabama Sunday to commemorate the anniversary of the civil rights march known now as “Bloody Sunday.” She called for a six-week ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East conflict that’s been raging since Hamas terrorists committed their unspeakable acts in a surprise assault on Oct. 7, 2023, when they murdered over 1,400 Israelis.

Harris thinks the Israelis should temporarily stand down:


The remarks come a day before the VP is scheduled to meet with retired army general Benny Gantz, an influential politician and member of the Israeli war cabinet who has taken a tough stance on Hamas since the war broke out. 


Israeli War Cabinet Minister Hits Those Demanding ‘Ceasefire’ With a Blunt Truth

Harris pressed the Israelis to provide more aid, even though Hamas often simply steals it.

Harris and her boss Biden face a political conundrum: they profess to support Israel’s right to self-defense, but many of their progressive supporters are pro-Hamas and anti-Israel and have shown their displeasure with endless protests. In the Michigan presidential primary, for instance, some Democrat voters chose “uncommitted” to signal their unhappiness with the administration.


Michigan Results Spell Big Trouble for Biden, Good News for Trump

Harris meanwhile, continues to inspire exactly nobody: 

One thing usually missing from the speeches given by ceasefire advocates and anti-Israel protesters: any mention of the hostages. How about you release them, then we’ll talk about a ceasefire.

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