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Biden Gets Confused About Year, Spreads False Story About Trump in Softball Interview With Seth Meyers

Joe Biden did an interview with Seth Meyers on his “Late Night” show. 

As we reported, he was met with anti-Israel protesters outside the building.

What was sort of quietly hilarious was how The Hill described the interview — that Biden was “staying up late” to film the appearance, when it was clearly was filmed in the afternoon. Maybe that’s “late” for Joe Biden. 

We reported on his trip to an ice cream store near the studio after the interview, accompanied by Meyers. He spoke about the border, denying he was copying former President Donald Trump by going to the border on Thursday. He also spoke about a potential ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas. 

Check out the confusion in this video. 

Beginning. End. Hey, sometime in the future. 

Then during the interview itself, Biden again showed his priorities, wearing a combined American flag/Ukraine flag pin. 

During the interview, Biden tried to blame Trump for the horrible border deal not passing. 

We’re gonna pass that border bill, it’s overwhelmingly supported by both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate but because – and I don’t know this for a fact but I was told – Trump is picking up the phone, calling the Speaker of the House saying don’t let it pass.’
‘Why? Not because he doesn’t think it’s good, because it would benefit Biden,’ he claimed, adding that he continues his claims that ‘this is not your father’s Republican Party.

That’s just straight up malarkey and not being honest about why people are objecting to the bill — because it doesn’t provide real security for the border. 

Biden also claimed Trump was “about as old as I am” but couldn’t remember his wife’s name. 

Biden was spreading a hoax that Trump called Melania “Mercedes” when he was at CPAC. But the video doesn’t show that at all. Trump praises his wife and then appears to thank Mercedes Schlapp, who is a host of CPAC, for the cheers for her.  

X was posting a Community Note to try to stop this falsehood, but that didn’t stop Biden from spreading it anyway. 

Biden is trying to deflect from his own real confusion including about the names of people he just spent time with, like Queen Rania of Jordan (who he called Rihanna) and Yulia Navalnya (who he called Yolanda). He also referred to Xi Jinping as the leader of Russia. 

Trump is 77, Biden is 81, but Biden has incoherence issues that Trump clearly doesn’t have, so it’s not just a question of age.

Biden also claimed to have been in the “Tibetan mountains” with Xi Jinping. He was in Chengdu with Xi, which is a bit of a stretch to call the “Tibetan mountains.” 

Meyers asked him about his 2024 agenda. Not a hard question, it should have been a layup. 

But not for Biden. He doesn’t even appear to know what year we’re talking about. 

“The 2020 agenda is to finish the job,” Biden said. 

How could anyone vote for this? Doubtless, if you did, we truly would be “finished.” 

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