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Biden Administration Spends Nearly $1 Million to Convince Young People There Are at Least Three Sexes

Sex isn’t so simple, says the Biden Administration. Courtesy of taxpayers, the Party of Science is dropping science.

Amid Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’s national takeover, much has been made about insufficient diversity of thought. Fans of varied ideas may delight in a grain-grinding effort by the federal government: It’s insisting there are more than males and females.

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has commissioned a study in concert with the Division of Equity for Excellence in STEM. The long-and-short: Some people have stems, some have sockets; and still others seem saddled with something else entirely. 

Per its webpage, the Foundation’s mission is clear:

NSF was established in 1950 by Congress to:
Promote the progress of science.
Advance the national health, prosperity and welfare.
Secure the national defense.
We fulfill our mission chiefly by making grants. Our investments account for about 25% of federal support to America’s colleges and universities for basic research: research driven by curiosity and discovery. We also support solutions-oriented research with the potential to produce advancements for the American people.

To that advanced end, the router of our collective cash has channeled over $900,000 to the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, and Florida International University. Americans are paying them to conduct the following study, whose title follows the hottest woke trend of wrongly pluralizing words:

Collaborative Research: A Qualitative Inquiry Into Sex/Gender Narratives in Undergraduate Biology and Their Impacts on Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Non-Conforming Students 

As made evident by the official description, new science kicks traditional truths between the legs:

Research indicates that rather than emphasizing the diversity of strategies and experiences that organisms have around sex, gender, and orientation, biology courses often inaccurately categorize sex and gender as binary. 

Sophistication, here we come:

The oversimplification of sex and gender into binary categories can make biology classrooms particularly challenging for [transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming (TNG)] students. Early data suggest that how sex and gender topics are represented in the biology curriculum impacts TNG students’ sense of belonging and interest in biology. 

Inclusivity is key:

Understanding TNG students’ experiences with biology content will support the design of interventions and curriculum inclusive of both TNG and intersex students. This project will also help all biology students develop inclusive and scientifically accurate understandings of sex and gender.

“Guided by master narrative theory,” the project’s goals are thus:

Explore how sex and gender are currently represented in the undergraduate biology content
Describe the impact this content has on classroom climate and belonging for TNG students
Characterize the current efforts of biology instructors to create a more inclusive climate for TNG students 

Master narrative theory, if you’re unaware, “deciphers how messages in the cultural environment become internalized and impact the development of personal identity.”

These days, identity is everything. Take heart, any who are penny-poor; a wealth of timely riches…is in your mental britches:

School District Nixes ‘Boy’ for 10-Year-Olds, Replaces It With ‘Person Who Produces Sperm’

Pro-Trans Professor: A Man in the Bible Breastfed, and Joseph’s Colorful Coat Means He Was Transgender

Health Experts Order Doctors Not to Record Trans Patients’ Actual Sex — It’s ‘Irrelevant’

Famed All-Girls School Will Accept Biological Males Identifying as Girls, but Not Females Preferring ‘He/Him’

Harvard Trains Medical Students to Treat Transgender ‘Infants’

Knitting Group Offers Plush Prosthetic Penises Transgender Children Can Wear in Their Panties

Possibly taking cues from the above, the U.S. National Science Foundation is getting cutting-edge social politics down to a science. As reported by The Christian Post, the qualitative study began in September of 2022 and is set to conclude in August of 2025. 

In a short time, civilization has ventured far. For all of human history, there was merely sex. From one language to the next, a term was crafted to reflect whether a person possessed a lock or a key. Fast-forward to the 1990s, when select public-sphere Americans started interchanging the grammatical term “gender” with “sex.” A few years ago, some began asserting gender was wholly different as it concerned self-perception. From there, it was decided gender options numbered far more than a couple. Most recently, it’s been determined that — though gender came from sex — sex now follows gender in bearing two-plus possibilities. Curiously, though the contention is that sex isn’t binary, no one appears to have yet fully fingered an actual third sex.

While scientists search for third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sexes, they’ll at least inform everyone there’s more than a paltry pair. Alternate to vaginas, it was previously thought nature offered only one option. That original estimate was apparently — in a word — low-balled. 

Where will we go from here? Only time will tell; but under the leadership of President Joe Biden, the country’s on course to discover many things heretofore unknown about sex.

And where he fails, there are others primed to pick up his slack: 


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