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Venezuela Refusing to Accept Deportations From US, Mexico

To point out that Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is a totalitarian jerk is to belabor the obvious, but Maduro seems to want to go on reinforcing that view. In the latest chapter of “99 Reasons Nicolás Maduro is a Jerk,” he is now refusing to allow deportations of Venezuelan illegal immigrants from the United States and Mexico. He is doing this in part because the Biden Administration is reimposing some Trump-era sanctions on Maduro’s fiefdom.


The Biden Administration had lifted some sanctions on the South American country’s oil and gas industries but looked to reimpose them when Maduro cast envious eyes on neighboring Guyana, that being the claimed reason for Maduro’s refusal to accept back any of his own people who have entered other countries illegally.

Plenty of them aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.

There has to be a way around this. Surely these troublesome illegal aliens could be given a one-way ticket on a plane headed for Venezuela, and when they disembark, it’s Venezuela’s problem; we are the United States, after all, and shouldn’t need to seek permission from a totalitarian jerk like Maduro before returning some of his own people to their land of birth where they properly should be in the first place.

If he gives us trouble about that, there are other options; some might involve a C-130 and a parachute for each deported. In the case of the killer of Laken Riley, I’d be open to saving the taxpayers some money and skipping the parachute. 

The simple fact is that these people shouldn’t be our problem. They are not here legally – they are Venezuelan nationals, and they are breaking U.S. law by their mere presence. In too many cases they are breaking many more laws. There are ways to make this happen, if need be by flying them through some third country like Ecuador or Haiti – or just, as I’ve already suggested, giving them a one-way ticket, and if Maduro sends them back, refuse to allow them through Customs.

We are the United States of America, for crying out loud. We shouldn’t be letting some leftist pipsqueak like Maduro dictate to us. Send his people back to him and dare him to do anything about it.

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