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Hunter Biden’s Daughter Pulls The Decency Card, Says Fox News ‘Crosses the Line’

Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi has released a rare statement in support of her wayward father. 

Naomi, who works as an associate at the law firm Arnold & Porter, said Fox News host Jesse Watters “crosses the line” in his criticism of the Biden family.

Speaking from New Hampshire earlier this week during the Republican primary election, Watters blamed Joe Biden for the ongoing illegal immigration crisis at the southern border:

I knew [Joe] Biden was bad on the border because he’s not the best father. 
The man can’t say no to his own son, he can’t say ‘stop,’ he can’t have consequences for actions. And that’s what you need, you need a man in charge on the border to say, ‘this is not going to be allowed.’

Posting on the X platform, the 30-year-old Biden described herself as genuinely upset by Watters’ remarks. 

“I have heard so many lies about my family, it takes a lot to make me upset,” she wrote. “This crosses the line. Not sure how this man can call himself a reporter and I hope he never has a son or daughter who struggles with anything. You can disagree with his policies without being this ugly.” 

Despite pulling the so-called decency card, various conservative commentators hit back at the young Biden, pointing out Hunter’s many flaws as a human being

Journalist Andy Ngo:

How come your family didn’t publicly acknowledge your little sister? Worse—in court, your father didn’t want to provide for her and even denied relationship, going so far as to oppose your sister having the same surname as you and him.

“Where’s the lie, Naomi?” said Blaze host Sara Gonzales. “Jesse is 100% right.”

“Hunter Biden spent $872K on prostitutes, porn and sex club memberships and took $1.6 M from ATMs,” added another user. “Your dad wasn’t struggling, girlfriend, he’s just a POS.”

The 30-year-old, who had the privilege of marrying on the White House lawn in November 2022, has long been defensive about her father, insisting he is a good man who is merely misunderstood. 

In September 2020, in the run-up to the last presidential election, Naomi described Hunter as a “man filled with love, integrity, and human struggles.” 

“The pain he has endured would be enough to make a lesser man give up on life all together [sic],” she wrote at the time. “But despite the best efforts of an [sic] cruel few to destroy a private man, he is sober, happy, and as at peace as ever today because as long his family needs him, he has not lost his purpose.”

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