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Biden Gets Confused, Dems Ignore Him, Then He Wears a Hard Hat and It Goes All Kinds of Wrong

Joe Biden was in Superior, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota, on Thursday, trying to inject some life into his sputtering 2024 campaign. 

When he visited a brewery in Superior, he sounded like he had sampled a little too much of the wares, but unfortunately, I think it was just him. He was so incoherent you couldn’t understand what he was trying to say at one point, and he continued that incoherence throughout his remarks. He was also introduced as the “big guy” —  his nickname that was used in the messages in the Biden family business scandal. 

What makes it worse is that the audiences he’s speaking to — usually safe, Democratic audiences — laugh or never seem to care when this happens. 

But there was a little bit more news that showed neither do most of the members of his party. This clip says a lot about how they deal with his confusion and how they treat him. This is pretty sad for the alleged leader of the free world. 

First, he had to be instructed where to stand as he looked around confused. But you can see the other Democrats who are there — Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN), and Gov. Tim Walz taking a selfie and ignoring him, keeping him waiting. Eventually, they realize it. But it says a lot about him and them. 

They went out to a bar at some point, and Klobuchar posted a picture. I’m sure this was supposed to show how relatable Joe is and how much of a union guy he is, so please vote for him. 

But did you see it? I don’t think Klobuchar did, or she probably never would have posted it. 

What a way to demonstrate he has no idea about the lives of working people when he has a hard hat on backward. This is so symbolic of his fake Everyman persona. He also violated that first basic rule of politics — the “Mike Dukakis” rule — never put on a hat that’s going to make you look silly. And it says something about his handlers that they let that happen and that Klobuchar posted a picture of it. 

Of course, he’s never been a regular working guy; he’s been in the Senate virtually his whole adult life. He’s even managed to curse out a worker who did know how to wear a hard hat for daring to challenge his ignorance when it came to guns. This might explain why the UAW president admitted that the “great majority” of his workers would probably be voting for former President Donald Trump. 

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